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Yathiraj Agarwal

14 September 2018, Chennai : YA TRAININGS

Sales lessons every startup founder needs – 01

Many startups are founded by techies and the actual tussle begins after the PoC and pre revenue stage when they need to do massive marketing to scale up. In spite of having a wonderful product lack of proper sales channel dampens the scenario, they start facing the heat at this juncture. In spite of experienced people helming the sales department, the product fails to reach the right markets.

Where do we falter, do we need magical sales people and are they very few in numbers, is a salesman born or made.  Many more such questions arise in each of our minds and we need to introspect but how without having a clue of what it takes to sell. If you are also in the same cluster from where I hail from then the best way to get rid of this issue is to seek expert guidance and that’s what I did.

The other day I received an online training program invitation from a good friend of mine from Chennai, Shri YathiRaj Agarwal, founder YA Training (www, and I tried to probe into this after a little hesitation. Trust me the exercise was worthwhile. I realised, I learnt some valid points that I could help a few whom I encounter.

However I would like to clarify that I am not all that easily buyable. Amidst hectic schedules as being the founder of an online startup story portal, co- founder of an incubation and accelerator consultancy, southern head of a startup investment bank and the chief communication officer of an all structured accelerator, in addition to being the mentor to various startups across India, I took time for the online event and I have no regrets for doing so.

The SALES MASTERY program was conducted jointly by Yathiraj Agarwal, India’s first Profit Engineer and Dev Gadhvi, Passionpreneur Mentor. Renowned stalwarts about whom I will talk less but my story would, It evolves around how the day dawned on me the rays of radiance, probably that would stay with me forever.  This on itself speaks volumes about the expertise of the great trainers.

Even the best products in the world will not have walk-in customers without the right sales strategy. Being clueless of strategies yet with massive action there would be some traction but confident selling is missing.

Do you want to be an order taker or an order maker: imagine you walk into an ordinary restaurant the bearer would walk in and orthodoxly narrate the menu or might fling the menu card at you to decide? On the other hand if you are in a five star hotel the bearer interacts and suggests you the best available and the special of the day. In many high profile places they even give you a sample to taste and that’s where they win the game. The first person is the order taker but the second case surely shows the traits of an order maker. Obviously the second one is the most powerful sales person….you agree!

In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, Yathiji informed, “Our Passion is Making India Grow by helping Startups, Entrepreneurs and MSMEs to become More Profitable by Increasing their Sales & Improving their Profitability. We offer 100% Results-oriented Training for Salespeople and Coaching for Management”.  With inputs from internet – RajKishan

To be continued – series of articles – step-by-step of building sales strategy………..

……Sales lessons every startup founder needs – 02

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