Disability has never deterred World’s First IceStick Artist, AP Chandran

AP Chandran

19 November 2019, Chennai, World’s First Ice Stick Artist:

  • World’s First Ice Stick Artist
  • A P CHANDRAN is synonym for Faith and Perseverance
  • Learn how to make art from waste
  • Visualise a plastic free world
  • Inspiration to the disabled

The next time you pop in an ice cream remember not to throw away the ice stick, maybe you are wasting a chance to make an artefact. Our today’s WAY2WORLD Icon is a differently abled man who has surpassed his physical anomaly and reached a stage where the world looks upon him with pride.

A P CHANDRAN, World’s First Ice Stick Artist from Chennai is an inspiration to many who possess disabled mind set. The self-made artist, who was affected by Polio since two years of age, has proven that his disability cannot deter his personal growth.

Encouraged by his mother and children of the family, he started working on creating art from ICE STICKS. His persuasiveness and undeterred faith in his ability made him reach the rare distinction of making 230 things each different from one another using ice sticks.

In his words, “You can do a lot of fancy creative things using ice sticks like wall hangings and a lot more. I have done more than 230 things each different from one another. There is nothing you cannot do.”

A P CHANDRAN added, “Everyone needs motivation and inspiration; my brother’s kids are my inspiration. If they hadn’t told me to do these things, I wouldn’t have done all this. The hard work is mine and the success is theirs. I think a lot at night and the next day will make something different. . Sometimes the craft would take two to three days and I make sure I completed it.”

He wants to establish a guidance centre for aspiring ice stick artists both virtually and in class room. He further adds, “All Children can do this craft work and it will help them to build up their memory and concentration. Everything is different from one another. Car, bike or different kind of things can be done!

Being Indians we must be proud of him. A P CHANDRAN claims, “I am the first in India! No one has done this work in this condition. I have done all this because of my will power and success followed. I want to set an example to the entire world by taking more effort to get the Guinness record and win.

As a conclusion, A P CHANDRAN elaborated his vision, “My life’s ambition is to achieve the Guinness record and I hope the central and State government support people like us and we are ready to cross all barriers and achieve. I want to create a plastic free world and am confident to create TamilNadu to be an example in India. Right from pencil box, all things I have taken efforts to do and will be paid off soon!”

This confident young man is sure to change the way we feel about disability. Way2World wishes him a grand success in his endeavour. We also sincerely thank Ms TANUJA of ENTV4WORLD, who had connected us to this ‘Eighth Wonder’.

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