Women need to shed their inhibitions, realize their niche, align with others likeminded to build a successful Social Entrepreneurship – Ms Cynthia Hellen


It is time for women to take the driving seat in the entrepreneurship arena. They are basically multi tasking and can do better if they shed their inhibitions. This was the secret of success for the most renowned social entrepreneur CYNTHIA HELLEN, Founder & CEO SMPLCTLAB, USA. Women need to identify their niche areas and align with other people, who could add value to the idea generated,

In a direct question from WAY2WORLD as to what her advice would be to Indian women, she said, women need to think beyond in setting up a social enterprise. They need to understand their expertise and try to build a team who share different strengths that add value proposition to the venture. However, it is true that entrepreneurship has its own set of challenges and it is no different for either sex.


Nevertheless, one needs to cope up with failures and move on, micro managing their ventures to share the limelight with a positive attitude, is the key functional attitude of the founder.


In spite of almost half of the population being women across the globe, not even recognizable percentages are giving a fight to their male counterparts. These stats do emphasize the sea of opportunities available to women, internationally.


The three steps for women to structure a successful social entrepreneurship, is to create a good team, delegate responsibilities to the right persons, leave the fear of failure and just move forward. With these in place, any venture is sure to scale to optimum levels.


Citing her own example, the stalwart admitted that she is bad at dealing with numbers and hence she leaves the calculations to people who are experts in that domain. In an open talk, she added I ask new recruits in what they are not good at, to avoid allotting them those assignments. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the organization.


The visionary was speaking at an event, ‘SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EMERGING MARKETS’ at Hyderabad. AMERCIAN CORNER and BALA VIKASA INTERNATIONAL CENTER jointly hosted the event. In his introduction speech, SHOURY REDDY Exec Dir, BALA VIKASA briefed about the various initiatives taken up by the organization.

He expressed, BALA VIKASA played a key role in encouraging social enterprises. In its Endeavour to give the best, the incubator is setting up the country biggest social entrepreneurship incubation center in Ghatkesar in a sprawling concrete jungle of 140K SFT.


Later CYNTHIA HELLEN briefed about the way she started her social enterprise and the hurdles faced in the initial stages. From a restaurant owner, she now heads an idea-testing lab and working in emerging technologies to enhance the overall ecosystem of social enterprise globally.



“SMPLCT Lab is a socially conscious lab creating sustainable products, services and meaningful human experiences for people, planet and profit.” This Peruvian-American entrepreneur is a great orator and can handle any question in her domain with ease and give out an awesome explanation. Many present at the event had a firsthand experience with the expert during the Q&A session.

Way2World was overwhelmed to be present at the event along with Dr Hafeez Basha, STATION-H. Such events not only encourage existing players, but also give food for thoughts of the aspiring as well. The program was an instant success with good participation. With inputs from internet – RajKishan