women enterpreneurship

Hail the women, inequality erasing, opportunities emerging!

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Innovation is the mother of prosperity’ and if the mothers (women) were given a chance to innovate the result would be phenomenal.

Multi-tasking woman is a growing tribe in modern India. Even while employed the Eves are known for their various tasks they accomplish at home and at the workspace.

Unfortunately their integrity was less noticed in the age-old days when they were confined to the concrete walls of the residence.

However, things looked different once the enterprising woman stepped out of her domicile and gave a tough competition to her male counter parts.

This was possible only by the plausible encouragement given by the multi-nationals that set up shops in the country. Thanks to their ardent efforts or else our women, folks would have been restricted to kitchens by the chauvinist dominated society.

In the latest bid, even hardware-involved industries seem to prefer women, which signal the era of creativity bestowed on these once forbidden souls.

Last month Yamaha has inducted nearly 200 women mechanical engineers as apprentice. Perhaps the company felt ‘women bring more discipline and better productivity, hence this experiment,’ as quoted by a reputed online source.  As per the report Maruti has recruited 45 women mechanical engineers from the campus while another automobile giant Mahindra has recruited 35 more.

However this is just a drop in a mighty ocean, in an industry that has almost 13 million males. The head count is presumably low at the moment.

The saga started by Sudha Murthy (now Infosys Foundation Chairperson)  writing to the TELCO chief over ‘gender discrimination’ for employment, fetched her the job in the company. She was the first ever woman engineer to work on the shop floor in the  auto industry.

Nevertheless, this is just the beginning and women equality is long way from now but the path is set to reach the target. Hail the women of the nation! (with inputs from internet- AarKay)