Are you planning?

Long journey with family or friends…

To a holiday destination…

Family vacation…

Corporate outing…

Call ZYPPYS, your dependable travel companion, the portal arranges your cab, offers you economical hotels and helps with local tourism details.

With ZYPPYS in your mobile, you are never alone. Thanks to Rajani Kanigiri Kasu & Madhu Raghunayakula, founders of ZYPPYS.

Though started with own savings, this leading outstation car rental provider from South India became a popular name among the corporate circles pan India.

However, the real recognition, as an entrepreneur, comes now, with the Co founder Rajani being featured in WOMAN GLORY INDIA. An honour for Indian women entrepreneurs to be recognised as the face of the nation, which should inspire many to follow the trends.

Entrepreneurs with grit and dedication turn into brands and become trends to aspiring tribe. Their popularity is just not restricted to media but are celebrities because of their innovations and planning.

Ratna G Chotrani, Editor of WOMAN GLORY INDIA has always been the first to highlight such diligent individuals to the society.

The compilation “represents the coming together of collective minds, inspiring life stories, talents and resources expressed in the spirit of relentless positivism and generosity, with an aim to  let the  voices of these woman entities be heard and to rise united and uplifted”.

ZYPPYS formerly launched in 2015 serves now approximately 100-destinations in the country with a huge fleet and dedicated personnel. Convenience, reliability and quality with economy have been the driving forces for this INDIAN car aggregators.

Though top multinationals are struggling for a foothold in this segment, ZYPPYS zooms away with elegance. It fills the gap in holiday and travel segment, by taking care of intercity travel needs.

The company provides contextual information on hotels, hospitals and places of tourist interest to ensure comfortable two-way journey.

Thoroughly checked young fleet with impeccable mannered drivers and navigation from start to finish, assures the customer of being in safe hands. Special women drivers are provided on request to accompany women and children.

Way2World wishes these innovative minds all the very best in their endeavours.  Their success is shear example for dedication and hard-work. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan