WISSENARIE unleashes Wission Talks encouraging Studentpreneurs

Wission Talks

14 June 2019, Hyderabad, WISSIONTALKS:

  • NenuLocal making local heroes narrate their success saga
  • Nation Building
  • Encouraging studentpreneurs
  • Axibator
  • WISSENARIE initiates WissionTalks

India’s blooming StartUp Ecosystem is the outcome of sincere efforts by most stakeholders who have been motivating new entrants to embark on this illustrious journey. Entrepreneurship was a taboo and restricted to a few sections of the society in the traditional old days.

However government policies like #MakeInIndia, #SkillIndia, #AIC and #StandUpIndia brought a phenomenal change in the mindsets of youth. Ecology mentors played a pivotal role in shaping these young guns to fine tune towards StartUp methodology.

Though there are innumerable initiatives that have given the right impetus for the growth of the StartUp ecology, one worth mentioning is a student StartUp from the twin Telugu States, WISSENARIE.

An organization re-conceptualizing entrepreneurship for the passionate people and helping them turn successful entrepreneurs. The organisation is currently initiating this for the students of various institutions across AP & Telangana states.

WISSENARIE proposes to establish AXIBATOR (similar to an Incubator but with new and unique methodology) for such ideas and people who wish to give wings to their dreams.

WISSENARIE unleashes another initiative for encouraging StartUp mindset among wannapreneurs that is WISSSION TALKS. These programs are conducted in colleges within the twin states.

WISSSION TALKS welcomes successful entrepreneurs from all domains to address students about the strategies adopted for them while scaling up and reaching peaks where they are today. The lively talks encourages attendees take the natural route to entrepreneurship.

Prudhvi Tamanna from the founding team ascertains, “These will help in building up aspirations and inspirations to achieve WISSENARIE’s vision. We had in our life and look forward to introduce people’s vision with a new conceptualization through fostering and re-defining the entire theme of entrepreneurship with a correct pathway to stabilize strong StartUp ecosystem in nation.”

Prudhvi elaborated, “Our vision is #NenuLocal– Versatile Visionaries. NenuLocal means, ‘I am localite of India’. I represent myself as an Indian, as a localite of this country who is working for a strong vision in “Nation Building “.

“Social entrepreneurs, industry experts, artisions, startup entreprenuers, artists, technology professionals and other diversified domain mentors all together makes this talk Versatile Visionaries”, concluded the enterprising young man. Way2World Congratulates the Team for their sincere efforts to bring a change in the society.

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