A ‘Mad Scientist’ venture, WEBGAX will turn your idea 2 product


31 August New Delhi, WEBGAX:

Have you got an idea but unable to develop a prototype

Unable to source facility to develop your prototype

Do you need expertise help to develop your prototype

Is R&D available at source inadequate to develop your prototype

Do you find something missing to develop your prototype

One answer to all the above questions is WEBGAX. This Delhi based startup is the offspring of QUASSARIAN INNOVATIONS Pvt. Ltd. The internal team, of this agnostic organization, comprises of innovators, researchers, professors and mentors. Collectively they are ‘on a mission of taking humanity to a new height through technology.’

The entire team is spearheaded by a ‘mad scientist’ SUMIT RANJAN.  The school dropout proves knowledge is more powerful than education. The school kid who scored just 09/100 in 12th Mathematics paper went on to create 45 innovations. And the earliest one was a research paper on ‘proving the reason behind the constant light speed while he was studying in class 7th.’ After reasoning out using analytical geometry and dimensional regeneration, it was published in “The International Journal of Science and Technology vol 3, issue 8, page 277. “

How WEBGAX assists startup or MSME’s to convert their ideas to products:

The team has a brainstorming session with ideate and then utilizes its technological expertise to design the prototype that is economical and marketable. The organization also provides services like Products Processing through hi-tech R&D. This would help established players, ‘to come up with new innovations; that would help them to stay ahead of their competitors.

‘It has eliminated the problem of importing PCB boards to add value to products. It has also eliminated the cause that made MSME stuck to the assembling things in terms on gadgets as there was no cell doing product R&D so that the parts could be made indigenously.’

WEBGAX FounderSometimes facts are stranger than fiction, SUMIT RANJAN, is a classic example.  As the CEO of WEBGAX, he revealed to WAY2WORLD, ‘The entrepreneur instincts awoke in me, when I innovated, a burglar security system from scratch in March 2015.’ However, he could not do much due to constraints and learnt various lessons that life taught him.

On the other hand, he credits, ‘CA SURAJ KUMAR DIKSHIT who helped me to learn initial business skills and without having any personal interest, he helped me as a mentor and as an initial financer to develop the prototype properly and shaped the real entrepreneur in me.’

The WEBGAX Director, SUMIT RANJAN says he works on four verticals to benefit the ecosystems mainly that in turn benefit the nation largely by avoiding dependence on foreign resources. They are ‘PLATFORM FOR INNOVATORS’ where grooming assistance is provided, amidst vibrant environment to innovators.

The next vertical is ‘ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET COACH’ where they train entrepreneurs with successful traits that are needed to reach their goals within a targeted time. The trainings includes, psychological preparedness, team building, monetization of idea and negotiations skills.

The third is the ‘TECH BEACON’ where they run an incubation program, ‘IRON MAN INCUBATION’. In this, encourage young innovators to join hands with them to design an ‘IRON MAN SUIT’. The fourth is ‘BUSINESS STRATEGIST’ where the founder SUMIT RANJAN lectures on ways to choose the right tracks of business and develop a positive mindset that in turn acts as a catalyst for the growth of the entrepreneurships.

Way2World ICON SUMIT RANJAN is just two decades old in age and is an inspiration too, to many stalwarts, across the country, to channelize their expertise in steering many startups reach optimum levels in their domains. In addition is a hope to million ideating brains to get their dreams on the right tracks.

This process will definitely usher India as a developed nation in the coming future. With WEBGAX your ideas shape into market awaited products. With inputs from internet – RajKishan