VITTIAI & World University of Design launches Joint Certification Program in “AI & Design


  • How do you empathise, define, ideate, prototype & Test in AI
  • Is linking AI with Design Thinking necessary 
  • What are the advantages
  • How can Design thinking complement AI
  • Is AI the next Industry 5.0
  • How do we harness AI in every industry

VittiAI01Most StartUps are basking in the glory of artificial intelligence (AI) predictions that there is going to be a big boom in this domain. True AI is surely the most dominant domain and is bound to reach great heights. To give the enthusiasts a hands on experience on the subject VITTI RESEARCH FOUNDATION and WORLD UNIVERSITY OF DESIGN launch Joint Certification Program in “AI and Design”. India’s first short term online interactive course on the subject.

“An AI revolution is underway right now, but I believe it needs to be complemented with a design revolution,” says Jim Guszcza, chief data scientist at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

02 VITTIAIPredominantly AI implementations must be done in a structural manner on the contrary to what is happening today. Design Thinking comes handy of how to utilize AI for specific business issues.

The sciences complement each other and give the user a clear vision to understand the why, where and how to utilise and find solutions to critical data – driven business problems.

The biggest challenge is utilization of AI and leveraging its fullest potential and this would be possible only by applying design thinking on the subject. Using AI solutions on need based problems should be avoided and must be adopted as an integral part of organisational culture, yields better results, express experts globally.

Design Thinking is thoroughly a questioning process at every step and by adopting this in AI, organisations would benefit largely on all fronts in the long run. If problems that arise while design thinking process is adhered are solved, then prototyping and scaling up AI driven products would be a cake walk for founders.

Ensuring quality and process oriented guidance about AI from design thinking perspective saves enormous man hours and yields a market welcoming product. AI is much evolving part of science which is advancing by leaps and bounds on a day-to-day basis, globally. To put proper SOP in place and making it a part of our ethics would help us move at rapid pace.

VITTIAI drives sustainable business value generation by creating an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders including but not restricted to Government, Industry, Trade forums and Academic Institutions.

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