VCHANGEU advocates Stop Addictions Start Living


28 December 2018, Hyderabad, VCHANGEU:

Globally, tobacco and alcohol have become social menaces, killing many addicts in addition to affecting their families miserably. Another worth mentioning killer is ‘breast cancer.’

Though worldwide the awareness campaigns on these lines are going in full swing, our own. is worth mentioning.

VCHANGEU is the brain child of an IT freak, VIJAY BHASKAR. He left his high profile job to pursue his passion to save today’s youth from these dangerous menaces.

In reality he has joined hands with like-minded individuals across the nation and gained some positive traction in advocating on the issues of disturbance.

In addition he has also traveled globally on invitations, to address the youth and requesting them to refrain from addictions.

The alarming wake-up call from global analysts, suggest that by 2030, nearly 10 Mn lives would be smoked by tobacco and 2.5 Mn would be consumed by alcohol.

The most disastrous truth is that ‘320,000 young people between the age of 15 and 29 die from alcohol-related causes, resulting in 9% of all deaths in that age group.’

Inspite of all these facts, global governments do not ban such problematic products but leave it to the discretion of the users….pathetic!!!

Under prevailing conditions who should take the call?

VCHANGEU, a social enterprise NGO, wishes to educate the community over the evils of these two habits and asks people to steer clear of these habits. Whether successful or not in the persuasion, VCHANGEU is leaving no stone unturned to take this strong message into the people.

Another issue this organisation addresses is awakening women on ‘breast cancer.’ Each year, Breast Cancer claims the lives of 4,65,000 women around the world.

Every 1 in 8 women suffers from Breast Cancer. It is said to be the second most popular reason for deaths in women due to cancer, the first being lung cancer. For every 4 diagnosis of cancer in women, 1 is of the breast.

If treatment is started in stage I, breast cancer cure is achieved in more than 90% of cases.

In stage II – 60%

In stage III – 40%

In stage IV – 10%

Identification of the disease at an early stage increases the possibility of treatment.  



In a candid chat, VIJAY BHASKAR briefed, ‘VCHANGEU, a registered non-profit organization (NGO) based in Hyderabad. We encourage people to involve as groups with like-minded people and to work towards common goal – betterment of the society through positive social change.

We assist them to build the capacity to work together, build trust in each other and develop leadership roles and thus increase social capital. We encourage them to analyse problems, propose and execute solutions.’

Concluding in style, he revealed, ‘We at VCHANGEU educate, support, and mobilize a generation of young leaders to solve critical community problems to create enduring change and unleash their potential as ChangeMakers and ChangeAgents of tomorrow.’

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