VADxTalk: Diamond King ascertains, ‘treat employees as family, see great results’!

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Vadodara’s most happening incubator VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO, powered by PARUL UNIVERSITY, has been relentlessly working to build a robust ecosystem. In its latest endeavor the enabler, organized VADx Talk by domain experts, to enrich local  stakeholders.

Official Press Note: The Tycoon of Diamond Industry, Shri Govind Dholakia, Addressed the Entrepreneurs of Central Gujarat in the ‘VADx Talk’ organized by PARUL UNIVERSITY’s Startup Incubation and Acceleration Center, ‘VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO’, at the university campus

VadxTalks 02PARUL UNIVERSITY’s Startup Incubation and Acceleration Centre, VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO, recently initiated with VADx Talk’. This program was exclusively organized to empower the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs of the central Gujarat for them to accelerate exponentially.

The first session of the talk had the tycoon of the Diamond Industry, Shri Govind Dholakia as the guest speaker. He is the Founder and Chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. an organization that is spread not only in Gujarat or Indian but across the globe.

The session witnessed entrepreneurial stakeholders from various start-ups from different sectors and the students who aspire to establish something of their own. It was a two-hour long session wherein Shri Govind Dholakia made the audience travel through his journey of becoming successful.

VadxTalks 03Shri Govind Dholakia shared some of the inspirational life events and experiences which inspired the audience. From being a common man, who walked away from his family, bare-feet, to support his family, at the age of 13, to becoming the owner of Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. consisting of over 6000 employees while famed across the globe, he narrated his journey that how a child from small village of Gujarat, became a billionaire residing in Surat.

Shri Govind Dholakia believes in Honesty, Integrity and Transparency (H.I.T.), and so, he explained to the young entrepreneurs that how honesty is the best policy. With the help of his experience, he made the gathering understand that to retain the employees, one must not deal with them as his/her employee but as family members for this will create a feeling of ownership in them, and they would work for the organization dedicatedly and with loyalty.

Shri Govind Dholakia precisely mentioned that entrepreneurs, while pioneering a venture, have to face various challenges, but the support of their employees from the beginning will make it easier to do so, and they will reach the Himalayan pinnacle.

Moreover, he initiated an open discussion with the budding entrepreneurs wherein the assembly discussed how to establish a new business, rise & maintain the quality of the product, communicate with colleagues or employees, how should one deal with the customers, and other such subjects.

VadxTalks 04Shri Govind Dholakia strongly believes and always quotes that “I am nothing but, I can do anything”, and with such inspirational words, he managed to inspire each entrepreneur, innovator and student present in the talk.

Shri Govind Dholakia recognized and congratulated PARUL UNIVERSITYVADODARA STARTUP STUDIO for their immense efforts to raise Aatmanirbhar entrepreneurs, and gave the students & entrepreneurs his best wishes to succeed in their desired path.

The initiative of VADx Talk organized by ‘VADODARA STARTUP STUDIOPARUL UNIVERSITY’ will continue with such efforts to inspire more entrepreneurial students of the city in the future.

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