STARTUP LAUNCHPAD invites ideating brains for designing idea to investment strategies

Startup Launchpad

The startup ecosystem is blooming across the nation with innovate initiatives by the government that encourages the ideating brains across the campuses.

Next Space, a pre-accelerator and a working space provider from Bengaluru welcomes startup founders to create their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy to attract seed investment.

In the present scenario, many investors plan to get into ventures only after checking the traction of the startups. Under the challenging circumstances, an MVP would give that edge for upcoming startups to get the seed investment required, to scale up and strategize the go-to-market stage.

Next Space founded in 2016 has collaborated with the best companies to help early stage startups to cross over the initial hurdles and accelerate their growth trajectory. In this endeavor to enhance the startup ecosystem, Next Space is offering its STARTUP LAUNCHPAD program that helps ideas garner investment.

Concisely, the STARTUP LAUNCHPAD program statement addresses ideating brains, ‘You will be getting your hands dirty, you will be spending most of your time talking to customers, partners, and competitors. You will practice evidence-based entrepreneurship and learn how to use a business model to brainstorm each part of a company and customer development to get out of the classroom to empathize with your customer and understand their needs better. Based on the customer and market feedback you have gathered, you will develop an MVP and rapidly iterate and build what your customers would actually want to buy and pay for. Finally, you will practice your pitch and present in front of potential investors.”

The six week STARTUP LAUNCHPAD program is designed as, “Each week consists of short workshops from experts, mentor interactions, followed by participants presenting their lessons learned from interacting with customers, there decision on iterating or pivoting and the plans for next week. Peer to Peer interactions will be organized by facilitators and volunteers.” To register click here.

Co-founded by RAMMOHAN REDDY, “Next Space is for visionary entrepreneurs seeking to transform industries through innovative products. We provide private workspace, Incubation, training, and support services to foster innovation. We strive to create a healthy and creative workspace, free of distractions, allowing for the increased productivity of our members and to foster the growth of our members’ businesses and creative pursuits by creating connections through networks of like-minded individual.”

Next Space, established in 2016, is an entity fostered by “a group of experienced IT experts with a mission to provide quality assured hands-on training to people who want to upgrade their skills and workspace to new and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Way2World admires the innovative initiatives of Next Space and hopes many would utilize this opportunity that is done on non-profit basis. No charges or no equity required just your sincere efforts needs to grab this opportunity. With inputs from internet – RajKishan