20042020 Baroda, SPEEDFORCE:

  • Multi brand 2 wheeler service clinics
  • Outlets in Eight States, 18 cities
  • Market Validation: Many Owner own multiple outlets
  • Low Investment high returns models
  • Service, Labour, Spares and Lubes add value to setups

SPeedForce 01Are you looking to put up your own Two wheeler Service station, ‘then the ideal opportunity to serve a larger base of customers through an innovate initiative that awaits you….interesting,…. then this is the right opportunity.’ Gujarat based SPEEDFORCE knocks your door with an amazing opportunity to serve, the recession-free industry.

Watching this StartUp had always been quite interesting from 16 outlets in 2018, they have scaled to almost 50 in the current year and with an offer for 9 more Franchises pan India, is truly inspiring.  The four people behind this MOHAN M VAIDYA, ASHOK SHAH, DEEPEN BARAI and KAPIL BHINDI are an awesome team.

02 SPeedForceNovel Corona Virus (Covid-19) has not dampened this innovative team. Sitting at the comfort of their homes, the team is interacting with the entire network of Franchises through video conferences. Every day one of them touches the nuances of the trade and enlightens the participants about ways to satisfy and generate customers.

Unlike mechanics who consider machine-centric phenomena, SPEEDFORCE process is customer-centric and they have evolved this unorganized sector with their organised work culture. How does this StartUp foresee this national Lock-Down!

The latest from SPEEDFORCE’s kitty is ‘SANITIZE YOUR BIKE TO SAY GOOD BYE permanently to your unwanted guest, ‘GOCORONAGO.’ Post Lock-down all SPEEDFORCE Franchisees would offer unique cleansing and disinfecting vehicles that are registered for service.

Experts feel that Corona Virus lives for longer period on metals and this could be for a few hours to a few days. To avoid a panicky situation in future and bid adieu to the unwanted guest (CORONA), SPEEDFORCE would use sanitizing process after general cleaning of vehicle.

Now the service would include Normal Wash followed by Foam Wash & water wash and then would be sanitized with special apparatus and finally would be air dry cleaned with a special micro fibre cloth (absorbs any particle within its pores) before being polished. Though the process would be cumbersome and consume more labor time, they wished to follow, to keep up with the need of the hour.

Through this initiative, SPEEDFORCE would be driving away the virus forever and thereby ensuring good health to all, as a responsibility to the society. Yet another good gesture from this Baroda based innovative team.

SPeedForce 03Recently they opened their first outlet in Hyderabad and were supposed to open few more in south but delayed due to the pandemic. Way2World wishes the SPEEDFORCE team a grand success in their journey as they serve who serve them, increasing loyalty.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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