SpanMyLife, one-stop enterprise for daily life management

Life management platform

12 September 2018: Bengaluru: SpanMyLife

Forgot your health check-up date

Trying hard to remember vaccination dates

Lost health record of your loved ones

Lost track of your renewal dates

Where to keep tab on your important tabs

Though most of them could be digitalised, the pain is one needs to use multiple platforms to achieve desired results. SpanMyLife launched just a week ago is all set to address all the above points on single platform.

This Bengaluru based startup will manage your health, financial and daily task master deftly using precision technology. These three important portfolios that cost us embarrassing moments at times due to forgetfulness amidst hectic schedules, will now be in safe hands.

In a candid chat with Way2World, Pradip Acharya, Founder of SpanMyLife, briefed, “Our start-up, SpanMyLife, is a one-stop enterprise daily life management platform to bring balance between personal and professional priority aspects via communication and collaboration. We want to integrate people’s personal and professional life to manage and organize their important priority aspects of daily life with the consistent presence of planner, trackers, tools and affordable offerings.”

The Serial Entrepreneur clarified, “Our mission is to build a brand of enterprise daily life management platform and bring people, professional and business under a single umbrella to collaborate with each other for the best outcome.”

The techie concluded, “We are now at the pre-revenue stage and our product is ready for market to do the sale and generate revenue. We have launched the premium paid version on 1st September 2018 to acquire the paid customer.”

How Does SpanMyLife work:

“Plan you present and future for better execution and best outcome. A proper planning makes a person perfect and more productive. Utilize SpanMyLife platform’s trackers to organize your executable priority items. Retrospect on your plan and execution for being more perfect. How well you execute your priorities and needs that much well outcome and success you will get as a result.”

The various features imbibed on this premium platform are Task and Reminder, Daily ToDo, Digital Address Book, Meeting Calendar, User Life Goals, Automatic Wish Sender, Digital Vaccination Chart, Family Health Tracker, Mental Health Tracker, Health Expense Tracker, Women Period Tracker and  Group Expense Tracker.

Way2World feels that this platform would be one of the most utilized one in the coming future. We hope the product would be upgraded periodically taking care of all our pains in maintain a balanced life. With input from internet – RajKishan