Simply Blood waging war against deaths for want of blood, winning the battle but succumbing to funds crunch

Appealing Simply Blood

Social responsibility is not an individual ordeal it is a collective action from all of us in whatsoever manner deemed viable. Many have time to deal with the pain points while some of us help differently in supporting the crusaders due to various constraints both personal and professional.

However, the main objective of all the people involved in the ecosystem is to do good to the society that helps many lead a better life.

Blood donation is a noble initiative, which not only helps a patient survive but also helps a family smile heart fully. An idea can change one’s life, but an experience changes the way we look at life.

One such incident changed a young man in Delhi, KIRAN VERMA, the founder of SIMPLY BLOOD App, which is World’s First Virtual Blood Donation Platform and it is an initiative by CHANGE WITH ONE FOUNDATION.

KIRAN VERMA, a regular blood donor, started initially to get through in his college assignments by donating blood to one of his respected teachers. However, the smile on the faces of the patient’s family inspired the donor and increased his thirst to receive more such smiling compliments. The main reason being the smiles were all heart full and wished his betterment.

Well that is just half of the story about this young man. The whole scenario and perception changed drastically after an incident in December 2016.

In his own words, ‘On 26 Dec 2016, I got a call where one person told me that there is a poor family from Raipur, Chattisgarh who needs blood. I went to the hospital to donate blood to that family. After donating blood I personally went to meet the family and got to know that the person who called me took Rs. 1500 for the blood, while I donated for free.’

He added, “I was totally distorted to know the details and it was hard to digest. And that very day I quit my job and decided that I should work towards ‘nobody should die because of lack of blood,’ by 2025 in India”

Entrepreneurship is a bed of roses with its equal share of thorns. On the other hand, users and benefiters acclaim social entrepreneurship, but for the founders it is a daily struggle for existence for want of funds to maintain on the infrastructure and technology fronts.

However, the rosy picture is within eighteen months of existence SIMPLY BLOOD received 40K+ members, saving thousands of lives.

Bootstrapped out of own resources SIMPLY BLOOD went for crowd funding and received some funds. However, the objective to reach every blood needed patient without involving middle men and touts is as vast as a ocean while the funds on hand were just a trifle.

In his ordeal to create awareness, among many, this social entrepreneur walked across nation and met various people.

How does SIMPLY BLOOD safeguard the security of the donor: ‘Simply Blood doesn’t share any contact details of any blood donor or blood seeker to any third person, it only shares their contact numbers to each other only when donor accepts to donate blood. This process does not give opportunity to anyone to misuse or black marketing of blood. In addition, there is no need to call any blood donor and everything happens on real-time, which mean the calling time is being saved and chances of saving a life increases because of that. This platform is available globally on Google Playstore with more than 40,000 registered donors and database of more than 200,000 blood donors across the world.’

KIRAN VERMA concluded, ‘we started as team of eight and now we are five active members. All of us share a common vision, to save million potential lives through blood donation by 2020 using SIMPLY BLOOD platform.’

The founders are today’s Way2World Icons not just because of their noble initiative but also because of their passion to remain undeterred or lured to compromise to receive a sound proposal to scale up. Righteous intentions backed by ethical process makes them distinctly different from the crowd.

Way2World wants likeminded individuals across the country, to network to keep the vision of this stalwart scaling peaks while saving mankind.

Do not donate, if you cannot, but serve them in your own way. For example: Digital marketers can promote the platform, content writers could write on their blogs, celebrities could vouch for them and similarly every one of us could contribute within our limitations and help them survive to save more lives.

Because if they fail we fail and if they win, we are in the winning team. With inputs from internet – RajKishan