SCRAPYT needs volunteers to clear city plastic waste


15 September 2018, Bengaluru: SCRAPYT: Plastics are a boon and bane to mankind. The boon part is witnessed by all of us, however the bane part is known yet neglected by most of us. To awaken us on this global disaster that could possibly attack us for usage of low cost and once usable plastic products like carry bags, flex banners, plates, cups and spoons, is the need of the hour.

The Global Week of Action (September 10-16) is observed across the world to create an awareness of this issue. A young software engineer, FAHAD CV from Bengaluru has designed an online B2B market place, SCRAPYT, to handle such scrap.

In its endeavour to cleanse the Bengaluru city of plastic waste, SCRAPYT is conducting a drive on 16 September, 2018 (Sunday) and requests participation in good numbers from like-minded youth.

SCRAPYT is hosting a brand audit as part of the #breakfreefromplastic global week of action

September 10-16 2018.

Location: Bagmane Lake, Bangalore.
Date: 16th Sep 2018
Time: 4pm – 6pm

Interested volunteers can register with below links (For the users don’t have FaceBook account)”

Actually what is this all about, In a candid chat with Way2World, Fahad revealed, ‘Multinational corporations that produce and sell single-use, low- and no-value plastic that can’t get recycled bear ultimate responsibility for what happens to their products at the end of its life. These multinational corporations are the real litterbugs that need to be held accountable.”

He added, “A brand audit is like a litter cleanup with a healthy dose of citizen science. At a brand audit, volunteers collect all the litter they can find in a public place like a beach, a park, or a roadway. Then, they audit all the plastic they find to identify what brand and material it is. That data will be shared to create a global snapshot of plastic pollution.”

It may be noted that in 2016 the Karnataka Government had issued a blanket ban on manufacturing, storing or distribution and utilizing single usage plastics like carry bags, cups, spoons, plates and flex banners. Many communities had embarked on plastics free surroundings and successfully thrived.

Inspite of the ban resulting in shutting down of many industries and rendering many lose jobs, the menace is not yet eradicated. Stats state that appox. 4K tonnes of Plastics waste are dumped in Bengaluru alone that is approx. 20% of solid waste handled by the municipality.

The positive action by SCRAPYT must be appreciated and many more such organisations around the nation must actively find a solution to this pain. Way2World appreciates the efforts of this young team and wishes them all success. With inputs from internet – RajKishan