Touchstone by Ridgelift is ultimate for trustworthy credentials


11 December 2018, Vadodara, RidgeliftTouchstone:

Being a HR of company is such a painful task at times or rather most of the times. While joining a new company most of us interact with the HR and at that moment they appear to be like supernatural individuals who would pull us out of all miseries.

And once the offer letter is issued, that day turns memorable. No matter how many jobs we have shifted, every time the event is ceremonious. The same HR turns a villain when there are discrepancies in our attendance, probably due to our lapses.

Now this is not a story about HRs, but just wanted to remind all of you the critical role of a HR in a company. The real tussle starts for them after the new recruits assume office.

Lots of background verifications need be done to give you a safe place in the organisation. However there is one company from Gujarat that has recognised the efforts of these poor souls and have addressed this pain point with an innovate solution.

RIDGELIFT LABS have created “Touchstone- Platform of Trust” which is a secured platform for people to build trusted/authenticated credentials (personal, professional & healthcare) and selectively share them at transaction points, such as job applications, background verification checks, healthcare services and many types of P2P transactions.

The prototype has been built on BlockChain infrastructure for Consumers and Enterprises to build authenticated/ trustworthy credentials. The credentials can include, employment linked validated records, verified address, police verification, credit report, healthcare parameters and many more.  Credentials once built, can’t be edited or deleted, much like credit report. That is where immutability of Blockchain comes into play.

Touchstone can also add authenticity to LinkedIn profiles, to that extent that the entire user base is potential user base of “Touchstone”. Institutions and enterprises will be provided dashboards to validate claims and achievements of user/ consumers.

The product is developed by two co-founders sitting out of two corners of the globe. Udayan Modhe, Co-founder & CEO is located in Gujarat. While Vikas Deolaliker, co-founder, serves as the product lead, operates from California. RIDGELIFT LABS would be first catering the US markets where the demand is high and then approach global consumers, including India.

In candid chat with Way2World, Udayan Modhe ascertained that this product would authenticate the claims of the applicants with immutable BlockChain infra where records once created can neither be altered nor deleted.

This GENNEXT solution makes your credentials trustworthy. The demands are abundant among corporate across the globe. The solution is quite economical as it is planned to be offered as a SaaS solution, in the subscription mode.

Way2World appreciates the novel initiative of RIDGELIFT LABS and hopes such initiatives to get the right people on track for best opportunities spring up in abundance. With inputs from internet – RajKishan