PUNE’s chocolatier sweetens consumers with unique designs, flavours

S&S Chocolatier

10 September 2018, Pune: Women entrepreneurs do amazing things even in ordinary circumstances. This entrepreneur will surprise you with a gift that you will never be able to resist or deny. Started as a hobby, today Swati Devlikar has a wide network across Pune. The founder of S&S Chocolatier specializes in chocolate bouquets designed uniquely based on occasions, in addition to cakes and chocolates filings.

Apart from chocolates the enterprise also makes memories come alive by designing photo albums of occasions that are trendy due to their innovativeness. Not only is she scaling heights as a renowned chocolatier but also encourages women empowerment by employing only women.

In a candid chat with Way2World the founder narrates the origin, “Established in the year 2013 at Pune India. S&S Chocolatier is creatively designed by me. Our Vision is to get business and to give business due to this we have developed many women labourers. The income gained by these labourers has proved to be a helping hand to their family.”

Inspired by the government’s noble initiative, she adds “In 2016 our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji had a speech on STARTUP India & STANDUP India which has inspired all of us. So by starting our business and giving others business is all together a small contribution to Shri Narendra Modi Ji‘s dream. In order to understand the essence of various art forms we regularly participate in exhibitions organized by art people.”

She affirms, “We believe in meeting clients requirements in every manner. Our Methodology revolves around the timely completion of undertaken manufacturing projects and effective support to clients after the sale also.”

She added the differentiators of her products “During manufacturing we control the temperature for melting and freezing the chocolate and maintain the same parameters every time. We always use Caps and Hand gloves to maintain the hygiene and quality of the product. Our product is Handmade so we always try to maintain the taste and quality of our product. We do not store chocolates by using any preservatives. So we manufacture chocolates according to the choice of the customer and deliver it freshly.”

Swati Devlikar revealed her story with a passion to excel, “after my marriage, I devoted sixteen years for my family. Then embarked on my venture to [rove myself. So I started to make customised cakes and chocolates. Slowly I expanded my business as my work won rave appreciations from my clients. Based on satisfied customers wants, I started working on corporate gifts for Diwali gifting.”

Concluding her story she added, “All this would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my family. They want me to excel in my ambitions and that is the reason why I am here today.”

Way2World inspired by the story of Swati Devlikar hopes more would follow her path on reading this saga. Because where there is a will there is always a way. So the next time in Pune, do not forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with S&S Chocolatier treats With inputs from internet – RajKishan