OmegaOn, digital Payments worry gone

28 October 2018, Bengaluru, OMEGAON:

DIGITAL INDIA is a distant dream in a country where there are millions of illiterate people. Even the urbanites find it difficult to download various UPI apps to make payments. Many times we encounter these problems while on a purchasing spree.

A frequent issue is the buyer and seller patronize different digital payment options and that becomes a big hassle in continuing the transactions. And for the rural folks the worry is endless due to less or no education levels.

However most UPI providers even offer regional language services, yet without reading abilities the purpose turns futile. So what should be done to go cashless!

Wherever there is pain, there is an opportunity, young Indian knights find their way out to weave a user friendly solution and history begins. And thus was born OMEGAON INTERNET PVT LTD, the brainchild of its founder SREEKANTH ERAGADINDLA.

OMEGAON is a digital payments company, believes technology can push the human race. They strive to make a technology that is accessible to everyone, easy to use and provides a unified platform for all payments.”

The founder briefs, “We have created “Unified QR”, this technology can help retailer to keep one QR for receiving every payment. Unified QR can be scanned by every financial app with UPI.” And similarly even the customer can download the OMEGAPAY app and pay any UPI solution by just scanning the QR Code at the retailer’s end.

The Unified QR yields a win-win situation to all the players in the ecosystem making the transaction hassle free. This solves the utility issue of various UPIs.

Now, how are the rural citizens benefitted largely, immediately sprouts the young founder “by using ‘PhotoClickPay™’.”  What does that mean, he replies, “We have created a narrow AI and High data analytics technology. We believe digitally illiterate person may not enter the data but as a human being he can recognize picture.”

He briefs, “To pay electricity, tap on bulb photo or logo and AI will detect or predict whether he has any electricity bill or not. If a user has then it will fetch the details automatically. Upon fetching the details, the UI will then give an option to confirm the payment via entering the 4 digit UPI Pin. The bill or money transfer or any transaction gets paid and the amount debits from user bank account.”

Gist about the company, OMEGAON is a 2 year old company with 55,000+ registered customer and 22,500 paying customers. The transaction volume is approx 2,50,00,000 (2.50Cr). Each customer has an average of 3 PhotoClickPay™.

Way2World & OmegaOn

The company has MoUs with 10 engineering colleges to accept end to end digital payments with PhotoClickPay™. This Bengaluru organisation has signed MoU with ARDU which has 30,000 autos to keep UNIFIED QR.

They have also inked a MoU with Karnataka Milk Federation to digitize over 2000 milk shops with UNIFIED QR. In addition 400+ Bill payment services are live.

Does it not sound astounding! I was thrilled and have started using the OMEGAPAY app, now it’s your turn to enjoy hassle free digital payments.

No worry and do not overload your mobile memory with multiple UPI Apps. Just one OMEGAPAY will help you go cashless, anywhere and everywhere. With OMEGAON, all payments tension gone!

Way2World appreciates the innovations of SREEKANTH ERAGADINDLA and his team who are sure to hit the headlines very shortly. With inputs from internet – RajKishan