SME Business Accelerator Program 2020 by Ocean Consulting

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  • Sales Consulting Module
  • Sales Training Module
  • Small Business Accelerator Module
  • Chief Marketing Officer – On Demand
  • SME Financing

The ongoing crisis is sure to create the new normal. Global audiences need to reinvent their strategies and lead a sustainable venture, surviving all odds that arise due to the pandemic. Most of them have got over the fear factor and become decisive to live with the Virus until a vaccine is found.

However, Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) had a drastic effect on the lives and livelihood, more or less equally. The StartUp ecosystem, the flagship of the nation was growing at an incremental pace, but received a severe jolt with enormous withdrawal symptoms.

Mentors and business coaches are strategizing against all unknown odds to create conducive atmosphere. OCEAN CONSULTING GROUP has taken this challenge as an opportunity and has designed time tested strategies for helping the entrepreneur domain with the launch of its novel initiatives.

In a recent communique, Sanjay Kher, President & Chief Business Officer, OCEAN CONSULTING GROUP, briefed “We are pleased to introduce OCEANIC CONSULTING, a boutique consulting firm to offering sales, growth & advisory and training to SME & Startups.

OCEANIC CONSULTING has been promoted by Sanjay Kher, he has over twenty-five years rich experience in executive leadership, sales management including senior management roles. In two organizations over 24 years, Sanjay Kher has held positions of Head & Sr VP – in BD roles and was associated with a SMERA Ratings since its inception as Head-BD, involved in over 22,000 MSME Ratings & 25 MOUs with Banks & FIs. For details pls visit

We take the opportunity of informing you that OCEANIC CONSULTING is announcing its First SME BUSINESS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM 2020.

The objectives of the two month program (online) would be to help the Small & Medium Business & Startups in areas of various aspects of:

  1. Sales Strategy & Training
  2. Adoption of Digital Marketing Tools
  3. Development of Business Plan
  4. Collaterals Management
  5. Sales Training
  6. SME funding
  7. Assistance in Business Development
  8. Marketing Communications

We would conduct a webinar on 30th May 2020 (details to follow) wherein we would brief the interested participants on the contents details & cost associated with the accelerator program The program would start on 4th June 2020. All interested SMEs and startups are requested to register

I would also like to make a sincere request to circulate the details of this program to SMEs in your network as this is the time to collaborate and help the SME Sector.”

For more details, feel free to mail: or visit:

SME  -Plan Action Review

  • Past, Present & Future Sales Projections, Important Positive & negative factors, including internal & external
  • Past Turnover, Growth, Volume, Clients Industry Geographical Areas.
  • Analyse market trends, Data about your & peer’s strengths & weaknesses of products strategies deployed, current product line and their competitiveness
  • Future-Where you want to be. Target customers, geographies, revenue etc. / Goals

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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