Are you a health care expert

Are you a Design and Analysis of Algorithms specialist

Are you an organization dealing Insurance

Are you strong in data structures

Do you want to proclaim your sincerity in research…

These are just the few utilities of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY (BT) that is poised to be the next most disruptive revolution in the history of innovations.

The revelations on this technology, that was otherwise thought to be linked with cryptocurrency, left the participants spell bound the whole day.

This event was organized by FTAPCCI in association with State Bank of India, a One-day Conference on ‘BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES – OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES’ on 9th June, 2018 at Hyderabad.

The salient features that BT possesses like tamper proof, data assimilation, widespread access; corruption free and process consensus has made it uniquely positioned in utility segment. The implementation not only is economical but also trsutworthy.

Eminent speakers at the event discussed the vast opportunities that exist in various sectors at lengths. Advertising, supply chain, media, energy, real estate, government, exports and imports are the few areas were extensive research is being done to implement BT for better transparency between the stakeholders.

Immense opportunities exist for the GENNEXT to innovate in this technology that is still in nascent stage. Fund raising for the startups plunging into BT is also encouraging feel analysts and ICO is a boon to new entrants with genuine innovate ideas.

Globally there seems to be extensive work done on this technology to advance the functioning of various common utilities. It is right now a green pasture for students to tread either as entrepreneurs or for hiring.

However, the person who designed this program, by name SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is still unknown to the world. The only sad part of this story is that the greatest innovation of our times could not honour its innovator of this revolution. However the humbleness and the no-baggage nature of this innovator is laudable.

Now let’s go into the details as how the whole event unfolded on Saturday. It was inaugurated by GOWRA SRINIVAS, President FTAPCCI who explained about the latest disruptions in the BLOCKCHAIN technology and invited the Chief Guest Shri RAJENDRA NIMJE IAS (Retd), Director General, Centre for good governance, Telangana. The stalwart shared his views on the technology and explained about its various utilities. Then the Guest of Honour Shri C V D RAM PRASAD, Director, STPI addressed the audience. The event was hosted by KULKARNI, Joint Director FTAPCCI and handled by MOHAN RAYUDU, Chairman of the startup committee FTAPCCI while the guests introduction was done by SUNIL KUMAR co- Chairman of the startup committee FTAPCCI

The informative sessions were conducted by KISHORE SESHAGIRI, Head – BLOCKCHAIN Global centre of Excellence, BROADRIDGE INDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES, PVT LTD. He briefed about the perspectives of the technology. RITESH MODI, Author & Mentor, gave the audience a vision beyond CRYPOTOCURRENCY.

KIRAN PATURI, CEO, STEP V TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, addressed about the advantages of PR, marketing, branding and business development achieved by adopting the technology. BABU MUNAGALA, CEO, ZEBI DATA India Pvt Ltd, enlightened the participants about the best opportunities available for developers. BALA PRASAD PEDDIGIRI, Tech head-digital initiatives, TCS briefed about the landscape of startups in the BLOCKCHAIN ecosystem and gave details on INITIAL COIN OFFERINGS (ICO).

WAY2WORLD salutes SATOSHI NAKAMOTO….no words sir/ma’am…we owe you forever for this greatest innovation. We wish you all luck in your endeavors always. This technology first unleashed in 2008 was initially very slow, however since 2017 (this year was named as the year of Bitcoin using BT) there seems to be rapid momentum. Let us hope to see more SATOSHI’s springing up across the globe for bettering human lives. With inputs from Internet -RajKishan

Video Source: TED

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  1. Raikishan: Thanks for the writeup. Good coverage of the event – and for the TED Video on Blockchain. Yes it is a major disruption to the innovation. It is revolution in the internet. Gradually Internet and webworld is everywhere, I believe Blockchain will be surrounded by us in one way or the other, in some cases we will not know that a few things are already moving on Blockchain. We had an import shipment Fraud. If Blockchain is used for that whole shipment process, hopefully damage would have been least or no loss. Early adopters, for business, for knowledge or for whatever purposes, will benefit.

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