KURATIVZ ACCELERATE – fail quickly, rise exponentially


  • StartUp from Noida
  • Looking for incubation, mentoring in UP
  • Ideators from Tier 2 and 3 towns apply for scaling up
  • Fail and Rise
  • Founders looking for industry connect, Business Growth

01 KURATIVZ ACCELERATORWith over 100 + man years of expertise behind KURATIVZ ACCELERATOR, launched recently in NOIDA is the ideal place to resort for upcoming StartUps from backward areas.

Between them the team have curated 75+ StartUps, encouraged 2300+ Kidzpreneurs, scaled two kids StartUps and possess a solid team of 30+ dedicated mentors and 16+ coaches.

The official note stated, “There has been a large gap in the success ratio of startups from tier B and C cities versus the metro cities and the clear reason being lack of ecosystem presence to support startup ideas there.

Now the things are changing fast and this endeavour is supported by another experienced and aggressive player – KURATIVZ ACCELERATOR, an initiative by INNOSCALE GLOBAL FOUNDATION.

The accelerator program will support and stimulate the growth of the budding initial stage and will aid to achieve their potentials. This is the first accelerator program that has been recognized under Startup IT Policy, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

During its recent launch, highly designated panellists shared their experiences. The uncertainties that trembled them, the crises they witnessed, the dilemmas they faced and many more were shared on the same desk.

02 KURATIVZ ACCELERATORThe guest of honour was none other than Dr K.K Goyal a person who has added weight to the world of MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) a man with an experience of 32 years and a great achiever who indeed is the most promising mentor.

Dr. Goyal gave a glimpse of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, how MSME is committed to service that startups. The day was marked with some amazing experiences and life-changing stories by speakers for the day.

Eminent speakers and prominent ecosystem players like Mr Abhishek Gupta Co-Founder HACKERSPACE, Co-Founder of MY OPERATOR Mr. Ankit Jain, a leading cloud telephony company, Mr Akshay Chaturvedi – Founder LEVERAGE EDU, Mr Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder of STARTERS CFO spoke about their experiences.

KURATIVZ ACCELERATE also chose this moment to launch its grassroots level initiative – KIDZPRENUER, Which gained much public appreciation under the guidance of Mr. Shishir Miglani and Mr. Amit Mishra (founding team of KURATIVZ ACCELERATOR).

The accelerator program is also designed with the aim to nurture young minds and skill them for entrepreneurial spirits, test them with pitching and invest money with their young ideas and give them a chance to bring these ideas to life.”

KURATIVZ ACCELERATE supports early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing. This 3-month program focuses on consulting, joint learning, product testing and coaching for investor relations and business development.

The fundamental goal is to introduce and scale a product or service in the market and work toward fundraising. They support promising early-stage startup from tier A & B cities with their ‘incubate and accelerate’ programs. KURATIVZ ACCELERATE  strive for success with the strategy of failing quickly, and rise exponentially.’

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