Having an idea and looking for an end-to-end solution to convert the design into a full-fledged enterprise. Then you must apply for the incubation program offered by the KOLKATA VENTURES, eastern India’s most dominate force in the sector.

This Indo-US collaboration organization has unique methodology to nurture innovative ideas while guiding them through success.

An idea that can change the business perspective of the markets in the nation, is welcomed and given the necessary impetus to scale greater peaks. The objective of the community is to recreate the Silicon Valley of India in Kolkata.

Many successful men dream larger than life pictures and try harder to achieve them. However, few others dream for the community and help them scale greater heights with their expertise.

KOLKATA VENTURES, brainchild of AVELO ROY, a serial entrepreneur, investor, TV host and TEDx speaker, is one such podium where many startups get nurtured, since inception.

The services include incubation, expert mentorship, arranging resources, organizing events, knowledge transfer by domain experts and networking. All these are the most essential pillars of a successful startup ecosystem and KOLKATA VENTURES has pioneered in them. Manned by abled and experienced expertise team the incubator is also offering Virtual Incubation Program.

The organization has a unique business model optimization. They evaluate every business idea depending on the domain and allocate the appropriate mentor who has been a successful entrepreneur or an industry expert. The advisor after thorough interaction with the entrepreneur evaluates the strengths and helps in identifying the opportunities that are crucial for designing the right strategy.

The incubation program invites applications from across the nation to “get the opportunity to be personally mentored by entrepreneurs who themselves have built multiple successful revenue-generating businesses. Strategy mentorship with a clear focus on growing your business with minimum resources is the key to the success of our programme.”

WAY2WORLD salutes AVELO ROY and his team of visionaries in achieving the rarest distinction with the most innovative concepts.  With inputs from internet – Rajkishan

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