Avail verified experts online for all types of domestic needs: JugaadExpert!


07102020 Lucknow, JugaadExpert:

  • Want a good spa or beauty parlour services
  • Looking for massive home construction or looking for an interior decorator
  • One solution for most lifestyle requirements
  • Have a wedding or big event and looking for resources
  • Avoid wasting time on finding the experts

The monotonous hectic lifestyle has resulted in chaotic situation, when our day-to-day routine is disturbed. Imagine a small breakdown at home and one goes berserk in searching for the right person for the job. In this process we waste time and get stressed, with all these efforts if the attempt turns futile then the pain is doubled.

To solve such assistance issues Jugaad Expert, a product developed by Lucknow based, Witwake Solutions Private Limited, offers reliable service. They have a panel of verified experts in every field and would help you identify the best that serves the purpose, meticulously.

Though there are many players in this domain, Jugaad Expert has an edge with a variety of services for their customers. Right now fully operational in Lucknow, this StartUp might look to cater across the nation, benefitting the public largely.

So with Jugaad Expert at source all one need to do is to book verified experts online and just relax, while the whole problem is well solved in an economical way. is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Jugaad Expert work while you work or relax, inturn help you spend quality time with your friends and family by simplifying your needs, services or requirements.

Jugaad Expert connects you with best professionals doing quality work, in fair pricing at the time of your need. Jugaad Expert offers many more things at your service with just a few clicks. Jugaad Expert is working towards making India more Digital & Efficient. Why to care for anything when you have the perfect jugaad (makeshifter in Hindi) of everything at Jugaad Expert.’

Jugaad Expert helps the clients with all types of assistance like a small carpentry errand to a massive wedding planning. In a nutshell, ‘Jugaad Expert, a one stop destination for all urban lifestyle needs.’

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