Innovative Thought Forum’s GURUKUL to ideating SHISHYAS

ITF Gurukul

26 December 2018, Ahmedabad, ITF:

Do you know the terms like POC (Proof of Concept), MVP (Minimum Viable Product), PMF (Product Market Fit), RoI (Return on Investments), FMA (First Mover Advantage), Exit, Growth Hacking, Gamify, Freemium, Lean Strategy, Incubator, Accelerator, Burn Rate, Churn Rate etc? Neither do I, please google it, that’s what I do often.

At times these many words, incorporated from western influence seem to complicate the common man. In reality all these jargons have an aesthetic meaning that relates to the scaling up of an idea and nurturing the same into an enterprise.

However two seasoned veterans have started a GURUKUL for young ideators, Innovative Thought Forum (ITF). Precisely they have designed a national THINK+ACT tank that works on a 5-S framework known as SIMPLE, SMART, SENSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE and SCALEABLE / SPREADABLE. The core competence of ITF is ‘researching, discussing, debating and deliberating issues, subjects, problems and concerns that are relevant to India from national and international perspective’.

ITF identify society pain points and try to envisage expertise to pursue ‘pilotable projects out of such efforts for assessing and ascertaining efficacy, utility and effectiveness in the Indian context.’ The Forum validates the idea well before going to the prototype stage. By this process ideas get strong market awaited results that would yield better end results. This also reduces the mortality ratio of early stage StartUps resulting in more successful ventures.

The co-founders of ITF are Satyanarayan Banwarilal Dangayach and Dr. Narendra Kumar Bansal. S.B. Dangayach is distinguished alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad with India centric mind set focused on social, economic and technological spheres. He is a passionate proponent of green, clean and sustainable development and has hence devoted all his efforts to evolve products and solutions in domains of water, wastewater, affordable housing, social infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management and health.  

On the other hand, Dr Bansal is currently SINTEX CHAIR PROFESSOR, at CEPT University, Ahmedabad and Consultant, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources, Government of India, New Delhi. He is also principal investigator of Indo-US project CBERD on energy efficiency in buildings.

With such stalwarts ready to help you nurture your idea into a brand, innovative minds must utilise this golden opportunity to scale up. ITF creates brainstorming forum with domain experts to debate on crucial national pain points. Such panel discussions by experts give positive impact to the ecology, giving rise to many innovative workable models as solutions.

ITF identify action groups to work on such pilotable proposals that would rid the society from issues that have been persistent. ITF also creates Knowledge Support Organisations at strategic locations to help find solutionsfor local issues that could in turn help solving global problems too.

ITF works on ‘Innovative India Centric projects like solarisation of agri pumping, geo tech in roads, bio methanation for Swachh Bharat, fly ash for agricultural growth etc’.

The other noble initiative of ITF is ‘’Supporting innovative designs in vital areas like waste management, water management, decentralized renewables, climate change etc.

The most important wing is ITF GURUKUL. Many senior experts who possess requisite energy and enterprise to support interested mentees or entrepreneurs can now come on-board to guide upcoming innovative minds.  ITF envisions a platform of “GURUKUL,” where retired personnel who are yet not tired will provide guidance, mentorship, advisory and other support in “GURUSHIKSHYA” mode.

This noble initiative is sure to pull in many like-minded people across the nation to help newcomers. This in turn will help the ecosystem thrive and move at a positive pace helping national economy bloom from all sides.

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