HorizonFX’s Architectural validation creates flawless infra

Creative Gamification & Visualization techniques

06 April 2019, Pune: HorizonFX: Imagine a virtual 3D blueprint that gives you a bird’s eye view of your industrial infrastructure, on your computer, even before laying a single brick!

Yeap it’s a boon in disguise to carry out precision construction.Though this is normal procedure globally, in our country only the big companies used to utilise this technology, due to enormous costs involved.

However this Pune based visionary, Narendra harnessed emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR and MR, to roll out an affordable process suiting even small scale industries.  Thus was born HORIZONFX in 2001.

In a candid chat with Way2World, the founder briefed, “We are basically a solutions and services providing IT Company. Mainly our services are based on creative Animation & Visualization. It is 2D, 2.5D & 3D with output in forms of video, interactive 2D/3D, AR/VR etc.”

Further added, “Though animation is mainly connected with entertainment films, our domain is more in technological side. We use Gamification techniques and their application in various sectors of Design, Engineering, Technology & Business.”

“Our solution is applicable in all three verticals of business i.e. Business growth, Business development and Business excellence”

Speaking about the modus operandi, “We cater these services to corporate sectors, Organizations, builders & architects for actual live ‘bird’s eye view’ photos or videos. This technology is ideal for mega projects, ongoing progress monitoring & presentations etc.

Further we extend our aerial photography to help designers and decision makers to analyze thermal imaging and aerial inspections etc.”

“We can strongly contribute our potential skills and talent to enhance technological abilities to reach next level. This will help in four main areas, Building meaningful & well finished presentations, Developing advanced experiential Training & E-learning AID, Preventive maintenance & disaster management related simulation AID and Advanced futuristic technology proposals.”

Out of the box thinking of HORIZONFX bridged the gap and created animation equipped engineers to yield phenomenal results in this niche domain. With plans to go overseas this organisation is sure to be watched company in the coming future.

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