GSBIZZ FOOD’s 1000 Cr in 1000 days – exclusive journey insights


03 November 2018, Maharashtra: GSBIZZ:

StartUps working on agnostic areas create a niche in their domains to scale heights with perseverance and modern methodology. Foods and Beverages segment is one area that has innumerable opportunities for new comers.

Especially snacking segment has vast potential and if the ingredients are healthy, tasty, economical and fresh products, the customer behavior would be 100% impactful. This is proved by the success of GS BIZZ FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD who launched their flagship brand, SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN in 2016 and reached awesome heights in the recent times.

From a remote village in Maharashtra this Namkeen wala dreams to go global. If one keenly observes their traction, the goals are not impossible and to be there where they wish to reach, is just a matter of time.

According to the Nielsen report, about Indian snack industry, “SALES IN THE SNACKING CATEGORY HAVE GROWN MORE THAN SIX-FOLD FROM 8,000 CRORES IN 2004 TO 47,000 CRORES IN 2013.” And the market is sure to grow at a rapid pace in the coming future as well.

In an exclusive chat with the founder TAHER SHAIKH, the WAY2WORLD ICON, we have documented the StartUp journey of GS BIZZ FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD. to help many more to aspire and lead their own paths.

What is the driving force behind GS BIZZ FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD: Our Market research revealed that processed food is getting unhealthy, least nutrients and prices are quite high. The snacking industry has huge potential with demands increasing tremendously on a day-to-day basis.

What is the difference you wished to do: We wanted to make an impact on this ever growing market by adding healthy ingredients with mouth-watering tastes. Our motto was simple Healthy, tasty and fresh products for every economic category. With this in mind we designed an enhanced and improved solution.

How do you do this: We have an expert team to take care of procuring nutrient rich ingredients that increase nutritional value of the products. In addition we are committed to supply products within 24 hours so freshness of the brand is a catalyst to taste. At GS BIZZ FOOD PROCESSING PVT LTD, we are continuously adding taste and variety of products. Food products without taste are like a life without joy

Tell us something about the way you managed to reach as a StartUp: We started on 19 January, 2016 from a village MAJALGAON in Maharashtra and now supply to the entire state, our brand SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN. Since we are from a rural background where employment and income source was very important, we strived hard to survive.

With this mind-set we ended up manufacturing quality products at reasonable prices which are widely accepted by people of every economic group. Healthy fresh and tasty is our commitment to the consumers.

What is your proven business model: Snacking industry of India is growing in many folds, with the help of product research teams and market research teams, we are getting new insights of business, as a StartUp we are committed to deliver best of the best quality products.

We are working on a penetration strategy with wide distribution network. We have segmented market for niche marketing strategy, with conventional business models and have adopted modern business models as well, in this area. We are creating franchise business model of SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN, and e-commerce portal to get easy access for each and every consumer from all across Market.

Explain your market validation of SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN: The brand had successfully established in making its presence felt across in the markets. With a strong Distribution Network and tie ups with Retail chains, Supermarkets, and value added grocery shops, the brand has managed to maintain a strong hold.

Tell us about your product range: Our Quality range comprises of a variety of products. It includes our exotic range of Mixtures, Bhaji Sev, Zero Sev, Corn Farsan, Special Farsan, Tikha Mitha, Special Poha, Special Bundi, Salty Nylon, Chili Nylon and much more Products.

We at SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN are committed to provide quality products as per your taste and preferences at best rates.

What are the key differentiators you offer to the consumers: Our snacks are widely appreciated by the market for their crispiness, tangy & Spicy Flavors and mouth-watering taste. All the products are processed using high quality ingredients. We ensure to take all requisite measures to maintain hygienic environment in our manufacturing and packaging unit.

Our products are appreciated for their unique taste in the market. With the support of our strong infrastructural base and dedicated work force. We have been able to keep up to our name and fame.

What is your future strategy and goals: SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN is well equipped to enlarge its supplies at best rates to many more destination in due course of time. We are planning to expand by having atleast four stockists in each rural district and eight in cities to serve the entire area.

We wish to reach 20,000 retailers in the First year. This will be covered by conventional business model. Simultaneously, we will go with modern Business Model, that is franchise, e-commerce, industrial buyers.

Franchise is also a very important business tool. We have plans to establish “SAMRUDDHI FARSAN FEAST” in every city, so people can get more and more delicious variety of Namkeen.

What is the market for this snacking solution: SAMRUDDHI NAMKEEN, comes under the snacking industry, snacks are usually consumed by each and every individual, every age group, every community, of any region, in any season. SAMRUDHI NAMKEEN is a product for one and all. Hence it’s having a huge potential in India and globe.

In short: We estimate average 1 lakh PCPM from every stockiest that is 2 Cr from 200 Stockiest. As well as 1 lakh PCPM from every franchise outlet that is 2 Cr from 200 franchise outlets. Sales from e- commerce will be additional for first year. We have planned to scale up in next 3 years by 100% to become a leading brand in Namkeen industry.

Looking back what is the best moment in the StartUp Journey: GS Bizz Food Pvt Ltd, has been awarded ‘Iconic Brand of the Year’ in Snacks and Farsan category for 2018 by Blossom Media. GS Bizz Food Pvt Ltd, was among 80 other top brands from Maharashtra selected this year. The iconic Brand Awards measures, brands by consumer preference, researched by an independent ICRP (Indian Center for Research and Promotion) and chosen by the people in Maharashtra.

Shri Harish Mehta, Chairman Onward Technologies Ltd and Co-founder of NASSCOM, presented this award which was the most memorable moment for the team. This award not only brought us recognition but also encouraged us to perform better and scale greater heights, in the coming future.


What do you wish to convey to StartUp Founders community: If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go with team.

Way2World finds an interesting saga of an young founder who aspired to grow global despite his rural background. Hence think big and think development, Sky is the limit for the people who wish to move out of their comfort zone, to make a difference.

A story worth remembering and a journey worth noting the endurance, Keep rocking team! With inputs from internet – RajKishan