Fly Dining at 160 feet high, having panoramic view of Bengaluru!

Fly Dining Bangalore

30 October, 2018, Bengaluru, FLY DINING:

Human’s instincts are immense and anything that amuses is mostly welcomed. To give the pleasure of dining in the sky in India, a Bengaluru restaurant has proposed a novel initiative to test your adventurous spirits.

For twenty two diners, at a time, their circular dining table would be lifted by a crane for a height of 160 feet as precooked delicious cuisine and mocktails are served.

Imaging the thrill, eating in the clouds with none ever near you other than the twenty one companions who are all enthralled in their own fantasy worlds. Amazing is it not!

The aerial view of the Nagawara Lake, Manyata Techpark and Bengaluru’s green cover, is a visual treat to the adventurers.

If going up to dizzy heights is not your cup of tea due to security reasons. Then don’t worry, the seats are bound by three level security belts that take care of your personal safety. And mind you you they are tested too!

The gourmet served comprises of grilled chicken or SauTeed Veggies along with herbal rice. Bruschetta and croquettes. In addition there is a fruit bowl and mocktails served to the adventure-diners.

However food is just a by-product to the thrilling experience that leaves the diners in awe. The cost is quite economical for the upper middle class but would definitely accommodate the other adventurers as well as the break-evens are achieved, (I Suppose).

Video Courtesy: Curly Tales

Now a mocktail session costs Rs. 3999/- with half an hour outing in the sky starting at 5 Pm. While the Dining Session costs Rs 6999/- , that includes one hour outing in the sky starting at 7 Pm.

The requisite that is compulsory to onboard on this adventure is the minimum height required is 4 feet and 5 inches (135 Cm). Pregnant women and children below fourteen years are not allowed to take this dining ride.

Way2World hopes more such innovative ideas take shape to lighten the moods of the stress filled lives of the workaholics. With inputs from internet – RajKishan