Are you a startup going for funding

Are you participating in competitions to announce your USP

Searching for a pitch deck creator

Want an expert to express your vision

Having sleepless nights before a pitching event

These are the common issues faced by every startup in the initial stages if right things are not in place. The startup journey starts with ideating and creating a business plan of the idea. However, most startups need to go for funding to scale up their vision.

This is where most of them face an uphill task, as we need to create a pitch deck to present it to investors. Creating an ideal pitch deck is a nightmare for many.

Though the founders are the best people to give an outlay of their dreams, they fail to make an impact without the guidance of an expert.

Even a mentor might not be able to do the best under these circumstances. Seeking outside help is necessary, however the right people to be hired is another difficult task.

DESIGN PITCH DECK an innovate initiative of Mumbai based 3 MINDS DIGITAL handles this issue deftly and has a rich legacy globally in creating decks that have impressed unicorn investors. They operate strategically from UK and India.

Taking advantage of their success ratio the company wishes to cater local startups by assisting them with domain expertise to create pitch decks that envisage the dreams of the founders and add color to their ventures, which in turn attract investments.

In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, one of the cofounders, MOULIK JAIN, admitted that they have been working with many startups that are now niche in their respective domains, across the globe. He added that they would like to cater local students, to enhance the ecology.

MOULIK added, they are ready to take things forward on a win-win basis, if educational institutes would like to utilize their services.

This would not only benefit the students in general but also enhance the chances of many startups emerge on campus.

Incidentally, 3 MINDS DIGITAL is the brainchild of three enlightened souls, who wanted to create a vibrant ecosystem with their out of the box ideology.

They wish to combine design, communication and digitization to help clients scale peaks faster and unlike the conventional journey.

Apart from MOULIK, the other cofounders are SHUBHDA GARG and HARNISH SHAH, who created, 3 MINDS DIGITAL.

MOULIK is a serial entrepreneur, SHUBHDA is communications expert while HARNISH, a visionary designer.

The trio envisages their core competence in enhancing the branding strategy of clients to stimulate their optimum synergy levels.  Hence, 3 MINDS DIGITAL is synonym of success for their clientele.

This is an invitation to all educational institutes that are keen on nurturing a prospective startup ecosystem on campus to utilize the experts to move forward.

WAY2WORLD wishes the startup encouragers a grand success in their endeavor. Their sector agnostic expertise must help many startups scale higher peaks in their trajectory. With inputs from internet – RajKishan