Docture-Poly is ‘most innovative healthcare device’


24 February 2019, Hyderabad/Delhi, SGP DOCTURE-POLY:

Doctors are the only humans looked up as Gods in this country of unlimited beliefs. However this doctor is the cynosure of numerous patients, across the globe, who feel indebted to his precision cure.

Not only did their chronic ailments vanish but also had a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. Dr Ravishankar Polisetty is the master of poly-scientific integrated healing process that has been the survival run for many who have come to this threshold after being rejected world over and found solace.

Another feather in the cap of this stalwart, was awarded at the illuminous Pragthi Maidan at Delhi. SAI GANGA PANAKEIA Pvt Ltd won another laurel for innovative strategies in healthcare.

Dr Ravishankar Polisetty received 9th MedGate India“Innovative Product Of the Year” award for “Docture-Poly”, an innovative healthcare device indigenously designed and manufactured by “Sai Ganga Panakeia Pvt Ltd”. This event was organized as a part of medical fair in Delhi where delegates from about 120 countries participated! MedGate conducted a peer review of healthcare technologies and selected winners in different categories.

Dr. Ravishankar Polisetty’s Docture-Poly delivers Advanced Integrated Health Systems and leads IoT (Internet of Things) in the field of health informatics. Harnessing sophisticated sensors and advanced Artificial Intelligence protocols and analytics, its app-powered wearable technology combines traditional and contemporary knowledge, with algorithm-driven, analytics driven to offer personalized dietary, herbal and life style recommendations to restore and protect the body’s natural balance. The software is designed and derived from wisdom generated from Bharath’s (Ancient India) indigenous Avurvedic sciences and tested with western scientific standards.

Dr Ravishankar Polisetty is 360 Healer | Founder | Architect – India, Global Health Capital | Poly-Scientific Ayurveda Scientist | Expert in AI, ML & Programming | Super Specialist Surgeon.

He is a Visionary working towards making ‘India as a Global Health Capital’ mission. The Cardiovascular Surgeon turned Naturopath and an independent Python programmer and a master in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by profession works towards achieving the unique mission of making the country diseases – free.

SAI GANGA PANAKEIA co-founded along with his wife Santhi and a good old friend DVR Shastry, is ready to shake the medical diagnosis arena and offer cure to a massive extent of chronic and terminally ill conditions in the coming future.

His mission is pretty straight and achievable – ‘Help ailing mankind get rid of disease, with the help of advanced health care delivery by a proper blend of Ancient yet Poly-Scientific Ayurveda and advanced western digital systems.

SGP team believes, ‘Disease is just an abnormal chemical reaction due to the discrepancies of the proportions of Vata, Pitha and Kapha in individual organs in any human. If these anomalies are rectified then the cure is inevitable in seventy percent cases. Provided they are within the elastic limits of cure.’

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