Ctrl+Alt+Del Virtual world, reconnect to physical world

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19 May 2019, India:

How many times in life:

  • Are you at home but away from family
  • Blaming the age for your forgetfulness
  • Fascinated by a book, buy it read the reviews and put it aside for years, yet not finished it
  • No time even for important works
  • Disturbed by some virtual incident that you saw while browsing through social media

Life is a roller-coaster ride, could be bumpy or could be manoeuvrable easily at various sequences. However what remains, is memories of good and bad that affect our thought process.

Forgetfulness is a gift of God, but at times hampers your progress as well. For example if a heart break is forgotten it heals the wound faster but the lessons learnt from this incident need to be remembered. Because it is then we refrain from repeating our mistakes.

On a serious note we have been going through a phase where we easily blame it on our forgetfulness when we skip our schedules. Some say it’s due to age while the youngsters say it’s due to hectic activity. Are we really that busy?

If so we answer every mail, every WhatsApp message and update all our DPs and post our location on social media. This simply proves that we have become dependent on virtual identity than on our physical identity. Many at times we stay at home but are never with the family.

Our minds are preoccupied with updates on the info highway. Virtual world has become Omni potent with least importance to physical world. Today’s youth need to get over this, to scale higher in their personal and professional lives.

It applies to all netizens, India being the largest country of first time internet users on mobile, Thanks to Mukesh (Reliance) Bhai!! The major spoiler of our regular life is our hand held menace, mobile phone.

Our mind is pre-occupied with mobile internet that gobbles most of our potential living hours and distances us from members around us who desperately look for our intimacy. Imagine the good old days when our grandmother used to tell the phone numbers of our cousins who were living abroad, including the country and city codes. However today it’s great if we remember our second number in one shot.

Our mind is filled with thrills from the internet and earns for more without space for any potential thoughts. Neglecting this ongoing menace will not only ruin our productivity but also will hamper our creativity to a large extent.

Hence what are the counter measures we need to adopt? Restrict the timing we turn the mobile data. Keep a specific time of thirty minutes schedule in the morning, during lunch and in the evening. Keep away from the info highway at least two hours before you kick the bed. Memorise your priorities on the internet before the stipulated time schedules and act accordingly.

These small things save your time and increase your passion to do more in a given timeframe. Let’s remember internet is as useful as devastating. Discovering an atom created a better life and created a maverick bomb as well. Weigh the pros and cons of technology, don’t shun it, nor over embrace it be neutral, be happy.

This video of “How to get your Brain to Focus” by Chris Bailey at TEDxManchestor is an awesome piece of advice to train your brain. I hope you enjoy it and help yourselves to be more creative and productive. Happy Sunday!

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