Presenting ‘Baap of all Apps’ CLOUDIE, kudos to Mohit Dhanwani

India's First Super App Cloudie

Are you a regular ecom user

Do you scan online for news and felt heavy reading long stories

Do you watch videos and go hunting for them

Use multiple social media platforms

Is your mobile battery draining fast

The issues are endless, however early every day morning the first thing we do is watch our social updates on the mobile.

The internet age in India scaled the pinnacles with the launch of JIO. Mobiles have become smart and mobile users smarter.

On the other hand, service providers bundle up data Packs at such low affordable prices, that they are irresistible.

(Many at times I wonder and pray that such rampant changes must occur in medical and food sectors that would enable treatment and food to all at par) this is off the records. However, the point of discussion had touched an emotional chord, let us gets back on track.

And the busiest arena in the internet ecology that is rapidly upgrading, is the mobile app tech. Numerous apps are downloaded and utilized by every mobile user. However, the problems bulleted above is troubling each one of us.

A chartered accountant from Mumbai, Mohit Dhanwani, develops the only global solution, CLOUDIE. In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, the founder revealed, “CLOUDIE is India’s first Super App offering four Core features that are an integral part of everyone’s life like Content, Social Media, E-commerce & Artificial intelligence.  We have a proven business model & great initial traction.”

The mobile app available in the play stores has already 10K registered users and by 2021 plan to reach a target of 5000000+ users.

Users can download this one app to enjoy 1000+ videos and web series. Read viral stories in 45 – 60 words format, create social profiles, share photos and videos with others on the platform, use advanced ecommerce by availing best deals after comparison with 100+ online stores. In addition also benefit from special discounts offered by CLOUDIE.

Moreover, the biggest savings come in the form of long battery life, because with one app most work is completed. Ultimately, lesser number of apps means more Battery Life & Storage. CLOUDIE prevents Home screens from getting cluttered & crowded.

The best of all features is that the mobile app utilises artificial intelligence to learn the user’s behavioural patterns to deliver personalised content and suggestions.

The enterprising entrepreneur feels ‘Indians on average have about 80-90 apps on their smartphones. Trends Shows, today Users want more features, content & benefits but at the same time, don’t want to download multiple apps on their smartphones.” “Similarly, ‘72.4% Digital Advertisers Get Low to Average ROI on their digital marketing budget.”  And the best bet at this juncture is CLOUDIE with versatile and high end features.

There is nothing to lose but lots to gain by trying CLOUDIE, a One-Stop Platform for the entire User’s General Online Interests. WAY2WORLD wishes Mohit Dhanwani (CEO) and Swapnil Harkanth (CTO) and their team a grand success. With inputs from internet – RajKishan