Valentine Day SPL: Uninterrupted mobile talk with ZPIS


14 February 2019, Hyderabad, BlueSemi:

With the disruption in the communication space ever changing on a day-to-day basis, the most gifted is the consumer, thanks to the bitter war among the service providers. As someone said there are more mobile phones in this developing nation than toilets. Of course a household needs a toilet for a family but needs one mobile per individual that essentially means 1:4 ratio….well that’s just off the record!

On this Valentine Day we bring you the most advanced tech product that gives you uninterrupted power to your mobile / wearable devices. Sounds interesting imagine what it means personally to each one of us, we could talk as much as we want to our loved ones, on our mobile phones without the battery levels dropped, just an example.

Simply meaning, portable electronics like mobile / wearable devices running for life without the need of charging. This is a blessing in disguise as there is an exponential increase in the number of electronics used in our daily life.

This problem had been the crux of a StartUp incubated at the prestigious T-Hub in Hyderabad (India’s largest state of art incubator, a trendsetter for many others who followed). BlueSemi R&D Pvt.Ltd. founded by Sunil Kumar Maddikatla, in 2016, designed a unique solution named ZPIS (Zero Power Intelligent System).

ZPIS requires no power source but utilizes multi energy harvesting systems like WIFI, body temperature of the user and ambient light. Through these renewable energy sources, the device maintains high battery levels, saying goodbye to day-to-day power charging exercises.

ZPIS supports Battery Assisted Technology (BAT), thereby ensuring long battery life, by almost six times more than the normal. It has an inbuilt sleep/active mode control for ultra-low power consumption, in addition to having an Energy Harvester that supports in idle mode, along with an inbuilt temperature sensor. All these make ZPIS a dependable partner to mobile and a blessing in disguise to users.

At the end product level, ZPIS lowers power consumption improves the life of the device and reduces the battery charge & discharge cycles.

BlueSemi’s USP is offering zero power chip-set that ensures portable electronics could run for a long time without the need for frequent electrical charging by using renewable energy. Their products range includes Energy Harvesters, Real Time Clock, Multi Sensor Network, Zero Power Intelligent System and Battery Assisted Technology.

BlueSemi is a pure R&D company that focuses on developing Technological independent and scalable IPs with the most advanced Sub Threshold technology. Best in Class team and Low Cost Operating structure, BlueSemi has significant cost advantage over existing competitors in addition to superior product offerings.

They presently serve three global clients with volumes to the tune of millions of units and are in the process of scaling the business by exploring the markets in USA and Europe.

BlueSemi story reveals that being a tough minded optimist even in tough terrains is the path to succeed. Be stubborn yet strategic about the idea to execution stage irrespective of all the negative feedback.

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