17 December 2019, Book Review: BACK PAIN, GET RID OF IT PERMANENTLY

  • Is Chronic Back Pain irritating you
  • Do you want to prevent back pain
  • Have you got a sedentary lifestyle
  • Are you sports person
  • Is physiotherapy your big jigsaw puzzle

For all the above questions Dr Priyanka Bhandagey has answered most of your query in her book, BACK PAIN, GET RID OF IT PERMANENTLY”. This book along with videos would help many get over these issues.

Way2World is pleased to update, ‘Couplepreneurs Dr PRIYANKA BHANDAGEY and KIRRONN BHANDAGEY founded Lead Physio Pvt Ltd, Pune based Super Speciality Physiotherapy network in 2009. The couple from varied backgrounds have created a niche in the healthcare segment and scaled heights, which very few would have ever imagined.

The single clinic has today grown into a huge family of Super specialty Physiotherapy Clinics in Pune with a team of 12 specialists serving 300 plus patients every month,’ as observed in 2018. The main ideology of Lead Physio Pvt Ltd is to conquer pain with unique, systematic, graded approach and do-able with high focus on Core Physiotherapy exercises that have yielded 90% success in preventing planned surgeries.

Lead Physio Pvt Ltd

During the release of her book, Dr PRIYANKA BHANDAGEY, briefed,I am pleased to announce the release of my book, BACK PAIN, Get Rid Of It Permanently. In this book, I have demonstrated over 120 step by step exercises to recover from Back Pain.

This book also includes several tips to prevent back injuries that often are the part of our daily life.

This book is for anyone who wants to address any of the following conditions at Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative stage.

  • People with Chronic Spinal problems (Lower Back, Mid Back & Pelvis).
  • People who are still suffering from back pain even after the treatment.
  • People who are in less pain or the pain is interval.
  • People who are fit but want to prevent problems related to back forever.
  • People who are in sedentary work (IT or any desk job)
  • People with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • People whose work requires long hours on their feet (manufacturing workers, waiters, hotel receptionists etc.)
  • People who do laborious work (weight lifting, pulling or pushing etc.)
  • Sportsman who have back pain (Cricket ,weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, football etc)

The book costs Rs.300/- is available on Amazon, check this link:

This book is a great gifting idea to the people whom you care for most. They would be thankful to you, for a lifetime. In addition for Bulk corporate orders to gift employees, You may pl contact the publishers on 9226573474 or mail us at