Innovation must nourish living standards feels young at heart, octogenarian, Ashok Patel

Young @ Heart

15 August 2019, Vadodara, Ashok Patel:

Way2World wishes Happy Independence Day, to all our readers. We have got independence from the whites in 1947, thanks to the efforts of stalwarts like Gandhiji, Lal Bahadur Shastry Ji, NehruJi and many more leaders.

73rd Independence Day

However are we really very happy within the country. In spite of abundant water we have a scarcity for water across several pockets. This agrarian based economy since ages has been suffering price escalation of essential commodities on one side and plagued with farmer deaths on the other side.

The problems are endless, but innovators must take this as a golden opportunity to find solutions that enhance the living standards of every individual. There is no dearth for marketing or buying power because of the massive population base this country has.

A situation to rejoice and not to gloom, predicts our young at heart octogenarian Ashok Patel. On this 73rd Independence Day, we wish to discuss about this Indian architect from USA, who settled in Gujarat, to give back his mite to the roots of this society that has given him his identity. Leaving behind his glorious business empire, abroad, this gentleman has started innovating proving that age is just a number between life and death and it has nothing to do with abilities.

Mental grit is what one requires to take up challenges and solve them because at this age its nothing but expertise, one possess that could be utilised for building vibrant solutions. His story is very interesting and encouraging for most of us who keep asking ourselves ‘what can we do at this age?’

Ashok Patel is an interesting man to interact with, who would ever talk about new innovations that he wishes to persuade. And even hours would fly like seconds while on a conversation which always was a knowledge transfer session for me personally.

Right now this young innovator is working on Pramukh Green Leaf Growers Pvt. Ltd, which is incubated at “GTU Innovation & Startup Center – Vadodara,”receiving Mentoring, Incubation support since 15th March 2018. Out here one most admiring issue that needs to be commended about “GTU Innovation & Startup Center – Vadodara” is its willingness to support this initiative surpassing the age factor.

Ashok Patel is working with his associate from last 5 Years and has come up with a commercial Model of Advanced Container to Grow Leafy Vegetable and Juicy Fruits. This container has a capability to grow any vegetable without the use of soil, cultivation, or plough.

The produce is almost organic as it uses very minimum quantity of liquid organic fertiliser in a controlled environment. Vegetables can be grown in any part of a city without time constraints, as a result saves time taken in transportation and provides fresh vegetable at low price every day.

With the further support of public and private stake-holders, this product can be installed in all smart cities as well as the border areas to provide fresh vegetation to The Indian Army.

Incidentally, Gujarat Government has granted land in Vadodara city to install a pilot project of 30 containers. Kudos to GTU and Guj Govt, for encouraging this octogenarian fulfil his dreams of serving the society, with innovative solutions.

Ashok Patel perseverance is visible as he chased a seed investment for the first commercial model which is installed at NIMETA, Vadodara, where they have completed the trail for different vegetation that can be planted in the container. Pramukh Green Leaf Growers Pvt. Ltd is world’s first manufacturer of this container developed by utilising FIBRE GLASS, PBC & DESIGN ENGINEERING.

Ashok Patel was influenced by the good work done by Pramukh Sampradhaya of Gujarat and was close to Swaminarayana, a Seer of the Sampradhaya. During one of his interactions with the Seer in USA, the later advised him to come to India and serve the people with his innovativeness. This was the VISA for Ashok Patel, who landed at the ashram to work on solutions that aide the society.

Initially he developed bullock powered generator cum power storage device. Inspired by the old oil mill strategy to extract oil from seeds using animals go turning a fulcrum. He designed this device. As per the advice of his Guru, the Seer, who asked him to help the old aged bullocks from going to slaughter house.

After observing the animals thoroughly, he realised that they could work 247. He created four long arms that were driven by old bullocks in a clockwise manner hitched on in the centre that was connected to a gear, motor, dynamo and inverter, which delivered power and stored for utility little later.

In this operation five bullocks were used for a period of eight hours. Four were on the job and the fifth one relieved one bullock after one hour going around. This exercise not only helped to generate power but also kept the animals supple. In this process the unit was working continuously round the clock in three shifts giving job to 15 bullocks.

Each farmer who owned the bullock was compensated with money and was relieved of the job of feeding them. Earlier old animals were considered as a burden to the poor farmer, with the initiations of Ashok Patel, the situation has dramatically taken a positive turn.

Later he designed a solar cooker which converted sun rays into solar energy and retained them in a tubular copper tube which had a continuous movement of thermal fluid that could hold the heat till 12 hours. When this tubular instrument is immersed in to-be-cooked items, the food is ready in a short time.

Ashok Patel is a bundle of energy to innovate and invited interested students across the nation to join his movement to create a self-reliant nation with his innovative strategies that could solve many common problems at ease.  He added everyone must leave an indelible mark on the sands of time to be remembered by generations to come with an inspiration to take things forward. Way2World salutes this stalwart.

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