Anyline Keyboard app launches to help eliminate everyday typing mistakes

02062020 Vienna Austria, ANYLINE:

  • New app lets users scan passwords IDs, passports, and more straight from their smartphone keyboard

ANYLINE 01Anyline, a leading mobile OCR provider for businesses, has released its first consumer app to make data entry faster. The Anyline Keyboard app saves time for users by enabling them to scan data, such as WIFI passwords, IBANs or passport information with their phone’s camera, and paste the data where it is needed.

The Anyline Keyboard works like a normal keyboard on all email, messenger and browser apps, but with an added scan function which enables users to capture short written texts and serial numbers, as well as QR codes and barcodes, with their smartphone camera.

With the keyboard, users will be able to enter data up to 20 times faster than when typing, while also significantly reducing the number of errors made.

02 ANYLINE 01Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner said:

“Typing in data and passwords again and again is a real bugbear for smartphone users. Everyone hates repeating a registration. With our new Anyline Keyboard, you can stop losing time to typing, and just scan it instead!”

Connecting users to streaming services

As people spend more time at home, one convenient use of the Keyboard app will be helping viewers connect their TV or devices to streaming services, like YouTube, ESPN and Amazon prime video. By simply scanning the pairing code on their TV screen, users can instantly connect their device and stream their favourite show in seconds.

Enabling easier ticketing and check-in

With coronavirus cases falling globally and countries vying to attract summer tourists, the Keyboard app also enables potential holidaymakers to book flights and hotel rooms. By simply scanning their passport information or driver’s license (US only), Anyline Keyboard users can complete their purchases faster and without mistakes.

The Anyline Keyboard app is free, and available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

About Anyline 

Founded in Vienna in 2013, Anyline has established itself as the market leader in mobile text recognition. Using the newest and most innovative artificial intelligence approaches, Anyline enables any mobile device to process written characters in real-time, even when offline. It’s not only more accurate than manual data entry but also works 20 times faster.


Anyline primarily creates B2B mobile solutions which bring significant savings in terms of time and resources for companies across both the public and private sectors. For example, Anyline lets utility companies read meters instantly and accurately, helps police officers to gather data such as driving license, license plate, and ID info on the go, and gives logistics companies the power to manage their shipments anywhere in the world. (This story is published from an agency feed without modifications to the text) With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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