Chinese TikTok out, Indian ADOR in, showcase your skills on a LocalSeGlobal platform!

19072020 Hyderabad, ADOR:

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Is TikTok a spying app?

Is TikTok Safe?

Is TikTok cause for Cyber Bullying?

Is TikTok banned in the US?

Will you be tracked on TikTok?

Questions were unlimited in the minds of many, yet TikTok ruled social media with almost 100 million active users within one year of starting. Due credit must be given to the creators for their unique concept that had brought out the hidden talents of many users across the nation.

Analysing the reasons for its instant success, one was to create videos of existing bits of entertainment ware using lip-sync and enacting, Second was its ease in editing and uploading content.

However doubts were endless over the ulterior motives of the app and it was a boon in disguise when the authorities banned many apps, sadly TikTok was one of them. Users were distorted over the news.

Something that is good is never forgotten and the MakeInIndia initiative has given birth to ADOR mobile App. Now you just need to download the ADOR App from HERE and go out on full throttle to exhibit your talents.

Hyderabad based FIUHIT Solutions founded by RANADEEP MEENAGONI and CHANDRA SEKHAR CHAGANTI have co-created the ADOR App for the citizens with more security. Now perform everything on the new ADOR App as on TikTok.

The founders give a shoutout to enthusiasts, “It’s on Guys! ADOR App which is rival to TikTok is live now. ADOR App is fully made in India with better features. Right now ANDROID only. Rolling out iOS version soon.  Please download HERE.

Download Link: http://bit.ly/3fpscrC

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Note: Dear Adorables! This is the first version of our ADOR application. We are working relentlessly to release the advanced versions of the app. So, this is our sincere request to please adjust with the few experience issues. We will quickly give the next update. Thank you!,” they concluded.

So fearlessly with pride log into our own ADOR App and tell the world what you are capable of.  Become an instant star or follow the existing stars. Either to enact or to watch ADOR App is really adorable. Good Time Pass!

This also proves how Indian Startup Ecosystem raises to the occasion and proves its capacity no lesser than global players. Long Live MakeInIndia! Long Live the Innovative Spirit of the nation!

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