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Cancer Care

17 August 2019, Bengaluru, 4BaseCare:

  • Nearly 18 MN are diagnosed with cancer globally, every year
  • As per National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, there are 2.25 Mn people in India
  • Alarming factor 9.42% women and 9.81% of men are susceptible to cancer
  • Cancer treatment and cure is unpredictable due to resources and infrastructure
  • Costs might range between 5-6 lakhs to 20 lakhs

Radiation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, spread of Pleural mesothelioma cancer cells, post treatment side effects  are the common terms we get to hear these days, from the world’s most dreaded disease patients. Cancer is becoming an indomitable menace across the globe. Beyond a point this disease becomes terminal where life is uncertain.

However alternative medicine experts claim, Cancer is just another anomaly in the body that multiplies disproportionately obstructing constructive activity of the infested organ. Some even claim that there are other forms of medical sciences like Ayurveda that have a cure for this dreadful ailment. Yet there are no noted data on the issue.

Allopathy has got documental evidence of controlling this disease to some extent in early stages, however in India facilities are available but to a minor extent as compared to the foreseen calamity. The effectiveness to this treatment is also a billion dollar question, globally.

The challenge is the costs are beyond affordability for a common man (unless there is an insurance safeguarding the patient). Next is the common medical procedure to all patients alike. While on the other hand usage of genomics and chemo sensitivity tests to provide personalized treatment, unlike our Caucasian brethren is not possible here. Because adequate data of patient history to predict flow of customized procedures, is unavailable on any domain.

‘Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise for the right minds.’ Young founders Hitesh Goswami and Kshitij Datta Rishi, tried their hands on this issue and structured, 4BASECARE GENOMICS PVT. LTD. The sole motive of this entity is to minimize the costing of treating Cancer patients with a clear vision to make customize Cancer care which in turn making the treatment more effective.

On a candid chat the Founding team revealed, “We are building technology enabled precision oncology solutions for Asian markets.”

What do you think is the grey area in Cancer care?

Even with the high incidence of Cancer and significant developments in science, the adoption of technologies like genomics and chemo sensitivity tests to provide personalized treatment to patients is very limited.

What is the present scenario globally?

Nearly 18M new patients are diagnosed with Cancer every year, more than 50% are from Asian origin. We are building technology enabled precision oncology solutions for Asian markets.

Ok what are the problems identified for better cure?

Our research finds the two main problems that the normal Cancer cure is not doing the best for the patients, is due to affordability of average Indian. The second being success stories and research data is primarily from Caucasian populations.

What is you solution about?

We provide specialized Genomics and Organoid based tests at affordable costs to the patients. The objective is to work towards increased adoption of our solutions. This will benefit both current and future patients. The current patients will get access to treatment regimes which are personalized for each individual. In future the case studies and learnings from each patient will be utilized to benefit many more. This is an ongoing work which will yield amazing results as the sample size increases.

How do you think you would achieve this mammoth task of data accumulation?

We have developed an Oncology specific App for Patient Clinical data management. Companies working in Cancer data don’t understand that in regions like India, it’s imperative that they engage directly with patients and not just depend on hospital’s EMR/EHR systems to obtain comprehensive data. This is because here, patients tend to change their hospitals/ doctors during their treatment leading to incomplete patient data scattered across multiple centers. Hence an app that is connected with most stakeholders wins the battle to major extent.

Are you are building a Cancer care ecosystem for optimum results?

Yes we are building a unified and patient centric ecosystem to fight cancer. As a part of this, we are currently launching specialized precision oncology solutions at affordable costs for Asian patients.

Can you brief on the solutions?

Our initiatives include use of Genomics Technology, 3D-Organoid models, Mobile technology and Data science (AI, ML). Our solutions allow oncologists to follow personalized cancer therapies and guide pharma companies to develop better pre-clinical and clinical trial strategies based on real world CLINICO-GENOMICS database curated by us.

What are the tests 4BASE CARE does?

Genetic Tests:

  1. Somatic Mutation test: The TARGET (Tumor associated drug response by genomics testing) portfolio assists oncologists in identifying and recommending targeted therapies
  2. Hereditary Cancer tests: Our Germline portfolio identifies mutations in a person’s DNA which are correlated with him/her developing cancer in his/her lifetime. The results help in early diagnosis and management of the condition.

How does your app influence the prevailing situation?

4Care App is the simple to use oncology specific app providing one stop solution to cancer patients for storing and managing their medical records in a structured and secure manner. The app also facilitates patient-doctor interaction through convenient digital consultations / reviews.

How do you wish to scale up?

Allied care is a formidable part of our strategy in supporting cancer patients. We strive to bring Hope and Joy for the patients through this initiative. We have built a strong network of NGO’s, volunteers, ONCO-PSYCHIATRIST and ONCO-NUTRITIONIST to engage and support patients in improving their emotional, psychological and physical health during and post the treatment period.

How do you explain your journey till date?

4BASECARE GENOMICS PVT. LTD was founded in May 2018.Within a short span of formation, we have collaborated with 20+ hospitals across India. Formed a stellar advisory board – Launched 6 of our genetic tests in the market – Enrolled 100+ patients for the tests – Cleared the scientific evaluation committee and got incubated at the Bangalore Bio-innovation Center (a Life Sciences Incubator), providing us access to high end lab infrastructure. To be used for Organoid model development (under training from a scientist and Genome institute of Singapore) – Launched our 4care App (for clinical data management) – Achieved 100+ downloads within first 5 weeks.

Looks appealing! What is your advice to upcoming founders?

Great attitude and perseverance are super critical for the success of any initiative.

CANCER CARE AFFORDABLEThe financial wizards in the team have reduced the costs of huge machinery and are utilizing the spare capacity of reputed clinical laboratories. Here they have their own staff conducting the tests on the hired machinery. This is the ideal spot for investors to set the ball rolling with this street smart team. Cutting the edges to give a competent costing to more patients is a point that assures the sustainability of 4BASECARE GENOMICS PVT. LTD.

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