The Jobless Street making a signature statement

07042020 Hyderabad THE JOBLESS STREET:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Endurance to sustain
  • Being tough when the going is pretty tough
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Face of the Crowd

01 The Jobless StreetThese are some of the characteristics of every founder, who has promoted a venture. Success and failures are two cousins who roam around freely and one small alteration could benefit either of them.

Many out there understand that failures are stepping stones to success, however the trauma faced at failure is worth mentioning. And worthier is the story that narrates course correction steps that had put them back on track to success.

02 The Jobless StreetThis is where SAIKIRAN GADDAM, a serial entrepreneur and an MBA student has put his head to design a strategy that would encourage young aspirers to move forward even under terrain conditions as the road ahead could be path breaking and successful.

SAIKIRAN GADDAM, Founder reveals, “The Jobless Street” is a clothing brand that promotes “Risk Taking” and “Free Thinking” nature of an individual. The brand has its first collection of ‘IKAT’ handlooms apparel for men, the women collection will be launched very soon.

03 The Jobless StreetOur motive is to sensitize people by portraying stories of “The Jobless Street Moments” of their life. We believe every apparel that we sell will have a story behind it.

The behavior of Millennial and Gen Z has to be towards risk-taking and free-thinking, when the country is looking at 5 trillion dollar economy.  The brand has got the significant potential to capture the market since the country is promoting entrepreneurship which involves primarily “risk-taking” and “free-thinking”.

04 The Jobless StreetApart from creating fashion with a meaning SAIKIRAN GADDAM also wanted to encourage a set of artisans from Puttapaka and Bhoodan Pochampally regions of Telangana state. This is the only place in India where a special type of designer looms, ‘IKAT’, is manufactured.

05 The Jobless StreetHence blending both problem statements into a solution through The Jobless Street, the young entrepreneur has achieved what not many have tried so far. The venture has also tried to pull in a social initiative “Buy a Shirt and we gift a shirt to the needy.” Till date The Jobless Street has sold 30 shirts and gifted the same quantity to the needy as well.

Every shirt speaks volumes of the turmoil faced by upcoming entrepreneurs. The Jobless Street got its highest validation when the founder presented the designer shirt to Hon’ble Minster for MA & UD, IT & C and Industries of Telangana State Shri K T Rama Rao during an event.

06 statement asRecently SAIKIRAN GADDAM revealed that they had massive plans to cover the fall & rise of entrepreneurs that would be motivational and inspiring to aspiring youth. In a nutshell The Jobless Street solves multiple issues with one great solution.

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