GoMama247 makes post -delivery health hassle free


14 October 2018, GOMAMA247.COM:

Necessity is the mother of invention. Only a person who is inflicted by the adversity of pain can develop an apt solution. This is the fundamental vision of every successful StartUp.  With the joint family tradition being dethroned in the urban world, new Indian Parents are clueless of the traditional customs. That elderly caring advice was needed for health and wellness of the new mama and the new born.

After feeling the pangs of pain in getting back to shape post two deliveries, one Mom decided to help others in similar situation and thus was born GO MAMA 247, in 2014.

Ask the energetic SAPANA VIBHANDIK, founder about her inspiration to start and she would instantly reply, “I have had belly only pregnancies with my both kids, also I have lost 15 kgs of weight post-exclusive-breastfeeding in 3 months without the help of gym and dietitian, with my own healthy ways and dedicated efforts. Nearly 90% of women in India face obesity post baby delivery. This inspired me to start this blog.”

During a pitching session, Way2World met this Iron Woman who was very strong in her endeavor and was confident of its utility. Basically, ‘GoMama247 is a content driven portal dedicated to, Unique Indian Baby Names Suggestions, Health and Wellness of Mom and Baby, Reviews on Products meant for Mom and Baby.”

In addition they also ‘provide unique, well researched and reliable information and parenting tips to to-be and new Indian Parents.’

The founder an IT Engineer, after working with multinational companies, mostly in Japan for 7 years, quit to take up her passion. Today GoMama247, is the guiding light to many new Indian parents across the nation and globally.

Question about her journey on this innovative initiative, with bubbliness, she replies, “During the first few months of my post-pregnancy, I got excellent consultation by Dr. SHAMA KULKARNI. Her advice not only helped to keep up my babies’ health but mine as well. Other than weight loss it was the breastfeeding diet I wanted to share the tips about.”

In addition, “GoMama247 got popular for baby names 2 years ago. From a mere 500-800 daily unique visits it reached nearly to 2K page views, in just a month. And today it has reached to 4.5K unique visits every day.  Later we started reviewing product reviews which got a good response.”

Taking about the dedication of her team SAPANA VIBHANDIK says, “BHASKAR CHAKRAVORTY, MANIPRABHA SINGH and SHIVANSHI SHRIVASTAV helped me by living my vision and contributed in scaling up.”

Also, I started reviewing product reviews which received good response.” She added with SEO techniques by Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal and Brian Dean and after learning basics of digital marketing from Udemy courses, the reach is phenomenal.”

GoMama247 has ‘daily Visits of 6.5K Page Loads / 4.5K Unique Visits and YouTube Channel has 7.3K Subscribers and approximately with 2.2M Views.‘

Was it a cake walk to success, the mama of two quips with a bubbly confidence, “competition was tough in this niche. Mainly during last 3 years, giant players have appeared. My strategy is a perfect combination of emotional attachment with readers + strong SEO techniques with which I trust I can beat the tough competition.”

What does she want the world to know about her StartUp journey, “What I have learnt from struggles and successful milestones is: ‘Try to understand your customers / readers and provide more than their expectation” ultimately her perseverance has made ‘GoMama247, a Modern Indian Parenting Portal.’

SAPANA VIBHANDIK advises fellow women entrepreneurs, ‘Be motivated. It can be a long journey before people start believing in you and your product. For any successful venture, research is the most important factor. More than 50% of your quality time should be given to research. Develop good network of people and never forget to say Thanks!’

Way2World appreciates the dedication of this Mama who is out there to help other Mamas on their post pregnancy drives. With inputs from internet – RajKishan