Travel elegantly as WeCcarryy takes care of luggage

Door to Door luggage carriers

06 February 2019, Bengaluru, WeCcarryy: Every pain point is an opportunity, the thumb rule in StartUp Ecosystem. This has driven hard core innovators design newer products and services that enhance the living standards of humans. One pain point, I had myself experienced while traveling across the nation was carrying my luggage …

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Eat Millet Live Healthy – Narmada K

Millet Diet

05 February 2019, Warangal, Narmada Traditional Foods: Obesity, chronic disorders and premature deaths are results of our sedentary lifestyles and trash consumption. Off late it is predominately advocated by global nutritionists to consume millet as many times possible in a week to keep disorders at bay. Millet are nothing but …

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GTM VENTURES niche helping StartUps Scaleup

Go To Market Mentors

31 January 2019, Hyderabad, GTM VENTURES:    Most StartUps embrace their solutions and disown the problem which results in slow development or zero development in scaling phase. Some of them even die in a very infant stage. Maximum such issues can be sorted out with a mentor who is well …

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Techie helps diabetic get over sweet pangs – STEVIA WORLD


18 January 2019: STEVIAWORLD: Many innovative professionals came up with a solution, artificial sweeteners (Aspartame). However this is proven as highly toxic & carcinogenic. So what is the alternative……natural way of healing……the plight of the chronically affected worldwide is pathetic…….. Solution to this mounting problem seems to be within reach, …

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QATAPULTT proves knowledge helps student outsmart

Knowledge based education

24 December 2018, Bengaluru, QATAPULTT: Education is one arena where major transformation needs to be done on a war footing. We must gradually transcend from mundane bookish education to practical knowledge imparting processes. This approach will definitely yield phenomenal results for the entire ecology and will give rise to more …

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Women Entrepreneurship needs to top the agenda

Women Empowerment -I

08 December 2018, India: Women empowerment is a word I never acknowledge……yes why empower someone who are already empowered…..the world’s first and best multitasking person is a woman….she juggles various hats in a family and performs best to satisfy all involved otherwise none of our families would have been peaceful……so …

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Koffee with GingerCup stimulates branding


13 November 2018, Bengaluru: GingerCup: Branding is an essential tool to propagate the image of any company. Corporate spend huge amounts on strategies that are proven to yield results. They organise offline and online campaigns to attract customers. However to reach their target audiences and helping them take a call …

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Kolkata’s GOKART simple strategy to give the best, economically

Kolkata GoKArt

10 November 2018, Kolkata, GOKART: Getting the best at the most competitive rates without hustling or window shopping is a need for everyone. If doorstep delivery without the tension of moving across the traffic snares is also available, then the concept would be welcomed. Getting groceries, stationary is a cumbersome …

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